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  • Spargo hires the bum to write a sketch, nothing "high and flighty philosophi-cal," he says, "no slumgullion about political economy nor social strata or such stuff," but "concrete, to the point, with snap and go and life, crisp and crackling and interesting ..."

    “And must I. . .who am weary, travel always your trail until I die?”

  • Giles was well acquainted with these different positions and with the efforts to reconcile the diverging approaches of medici and philosophi, which could be traced back to Avicenna.

    Giles of Rome

  • […] GT 2008-06-28: Over My Shoulder #42: Kelly Dean Jolley on Augustine and the longing for a philosophi… […]

    Over My Shoulder #42: Kelly Dean Jolley on Augustine and the longing for a philosophical answer. From The Concept ‘Horse’ Paradox and Wittgensteinian Conceptual Investigations

  • GT 2008-06-28: Over My Shoulder #42: Kelly Dean Jolley on Augustine and the longing for a philosophi...

    Rad Geek People’s Daily – 2008 – June – 28

  • Plus possum quam omnes philosophi, astrologi, necromantici, &c. sola saliva inungens, 1. amplexu et basiis tam furiose furere, tam bestialiter obstupesieri coegi, ut instar idoli me adorarint.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • Avicenna, or those heathen philosophers, could ever be persuaded to believe, or to subscribe to the least part of them: aut fraudem non detegere: but that as [6501] Vanninus answers, ob publicae, potestatis formidinem allatrare philosophi non audebant, they durst not speak for fear of the law.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • How shall I that am vix umbra tanti philosophi hope to please?

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • Supposing that you give credit to their criticisms and I know of no scientific or philosophi cal reason to do so, or you just decide to show how science can decide things, one may turn to the tests.

    Privileged Planet: The fallout - The Panda's Thumb

  • Iterum philosophi ad aliud punctum attendunt, et cùm peruentum fuerit, iterum praeco clamat; ponite digitum in aurem, et statim dicit, extrahite ipsum; iterùm ad aliud punctum clamat, Buratate farinam: et multa alia faciunt, quæ omnia dicunt certam signifcationem habere, quæ scriberi nolui, nec curaui, quia vana sunt et risu digna.

    The Journal of Friar Odoric

  • Pomponatius expressed himself at the time, Certe philosophi nihil verisimile habent ad haec, quare necesse est, ad Deum, ad angelos et daemones recurrere.

    Essays of Schopenhauer


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