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  • adv. In a philosophical manner.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In a philosophical manner; according to the rules or principles of philosophy; calmly; wisely; rationally.

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  • adv. with respect to philosophy
  • adv. in a philosophic manner


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  • The _accident_, I use the term philosophically, not popularly, the accident of a man's being married, or, in other words, having entered imprudently into a barbarous and absurd civil contract, cannot alter the nature of things.

    Tales and Novels — Volume 08

  • It is impossible for me to emphasize how much more can be gleaned philosophically from the Graphic Novel than from the movie.

    The Moral Exemplars of Watchmen | Heretical Ideas Magazine

  • But both philosophers do think it important to redeploy enthusiasm and conviviality in philosophically affective ways.

    Post-Secular Conviviality

  • The Thomas gospel is actually quite far philosophically from the synoptic gospels in one key respect: Thomas held that Jesus’ message was that the path to God is within us all and we can reach him without going through the power structure of a church organization.

    Think Progress » Wolfowitz: No WMD, No War

  • He was the first to use this word philosophically.

    God is Not a Christian, Nor a Jew, Muslim, Hindu …

  • It is typical of Choumnos™ approach that he seeks to argue philosophically, that is by valid inference from principles and definitions that are universally accepted, for views that are already theologically established.

    Byzantine Philosophy

  • If it lacks the textual fidelity and contextual insights of the work of Theodore Kisiel, it is more philosophically, that is argumentatively, concerned.

    Archive 2007-11-01

  • All Chatton's written works were commissioned in an academic or ecclesiastical context, hence all are in this way theological, but they contain much which almost any modern person would identify as philosophically interesting and innovative.

    Walter Chatton

  • The viewer is thus torn between what we want to see happen for emotional reasons and what we might like to see happen philosophically, which is a more rigorously involving stance than most TV drama bothers to take.

    Archive 2006-11-26

  • Page 23 and in the Republican Party fits his image of what he wants that party to be philosophically, which is a basically sort of moderate

    Oral History Interview with Ferrel Guillory, December 11, 1973. Interview A-0123. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007)


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  • "I wanted to cook dinner for a second-year student, but Jennifer couldn't come," said Tom philosophically yet ungenetically.

    December 18, 2007