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  • n. An instrument used in eye examinations to determine an individual's prescription, the patient looking through various lenses at a chart on the other side.


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  • One is to have the patient look through a large device called a phoropter, fitted with dozens of different lenses that can be swung into place in front of each eye in various combinations, while the patient tries to read a standard eye chart on the wall ahead.

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  • Eye prescriptions are typically diagnosed using a phoropter or an aberrometer.


  • Raskar said that the phoropter method isn't reliable because "deciding what your prescription should be based on when it looks most clear is not a very objective measurement."


  • Who pushed the phoropter gently to their face, saying so they wouldn’t be scared, Now look at this funny pair of glasses.

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  • A device containing different lenses used for refraction of the eye during sight testing.

    February 2, 2007