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  • n. Any of various phosphorus-containing lipids, such as lecithin and cephalin, that are composed mainly of fatty acids, a phosphate group, and a simple organic molecule. Also called phosphatide.

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  • n. any lipid, such as lecithin or cephalin, consisting of a diglyceride combined with a phosphate group and a simple organic molecule such as choline or ethanolamine; they are important constituents of biological membranes

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  • n. any of various compounds composed of fatty acids and phosphoric acid and a nitrogenous base; an important constituent of membranes


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  • We assumed that following serum addition, cell membranes undergo major changes that will be reflected in phospholipid metabolism.

    Aaron Ciechanover - Autobiography

  • Attached to the EPA leg of the phospholipid is a molecule of astaxanthin, an extremely potent anti-oxidant.

    Michael R. Eades, M.D.: Why krill oil?

  • To identify proteins that specifically interact with PPM, we tested the interaction of cell extracts with labelled phospholipid-containing PPM or IPM in a ligand blotting assay.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • Their results suggest that SSRIs may actually affect more than one process in a cell, including non-protein targets such as phospholipid membranes. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Sullivan KM, Hawgood S, Flake AW, Harrison MR, Adzick NS: Amniotic fluid phospholipid analysis in the congenital diaphragmatic hernia fetus.

    CHOP congenital diaphragmatic hernia publications

  • APS is an autoimmune disorder in which autoantibodies are directed against phospholipid-protein complexes.

    Immunology Lab

  • Carol Johnson took the podium of a lecture hall one recent morning to walk 79 students enrolled in an introductory biology course through diffusion, osmosis and the phospholipid bilayer of cell membranes.

    Putting a Price on Professors

  • It might be something as simple as the right amino acid bath in the presence of polyphosphates and self-assembled phospholipid bilayers.

    Aiguy's Computer

  • When placed in my phospholipid carrier system, they rapidly penetrate the skin, greatly improving the clinical appearance of the skin.

    Forever Young

  • This process is similar to the results I have seen using the standard glutathione molecule in my phospholipid carrier system.

    Forever Young


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