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  • n. Any of a group of predominantly unsaturated solid alcohols of the steroid group, such as cholesterol and ergosterol, present in the fatty tissues of plants and animals.

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  • n. any member of a class of steroids containing a hydroxyl group in the 3-position of the A-ring; they are found in all animal and plant tissue and play an important role in hormone chemistry

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  • n. any of a group of natural steroid alcohols derived from plants or animals; they are waxy insoluble substances


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Short for cholesterol.


  • Cerebrotendinous Xanthomatosis (CTX) is a rare, autosomal recessive metabolic disorder caused by mutations in a gene called CYP27A1, which produces an enzyme called sterol 27-hydroxylase.

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  • Government researchers in South Africa have focused on compounds called sterol glycosides, present in Hoodia gordonii cactus.


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  • During his time at UT-Southwestern, Russell has emerged as a scientific leader in elucidating the enzymatic pathways responsible for the metabolic breakdown of cholesterol into other components such as sterol hormones, vitamins and bile acids.

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  • Jonathan C. Cohen et al., “Multiple rare variants in NPC111 associated with reduced sterol absorption and plasma low-density lipoprotein levels,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A.

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  • If you must, use cholesterol-fighting sterol spreads such as Promise and Benecol.

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  • -- PEG-80 sorbitan laurate, and PEG-10 rapeseed sterol (cancer precursors) in Anew Beauty Youth-Awakening Lipstick.

    Samuel S. Epstein: The National Cancer Institute Should Delay Its Collaboration With Love/Avon

  • Dietary cholesterol is often included when discussing fats because it shares some characteristics similar to those of fat, but technically it is in the sterol family.


  • Its cholesterol-lowering milk is fortified with Reducol, a plant sterol.

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  • For each drug-drug combination they tried to fit the experimental dose matrices to the same 4 models and compared the best model fit to the expected for the position of the targets in the sterol pathway.

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