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  • n. Any of a group of steroid alcohols, phytochemicals naturally occurring in plants. They are white powders with mild, characteristic odor, insoluble in water and soluble in alcohols.

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  • n. Same as phytosterin.


phyto- +‎ sterol (Wiktionary)


  • Peanut and peanut products were found to contain a substance called phytosterol beta-sitosterol (SIT).

    The Hindu - Front Page

  • Also, Professor Schleimer had similarly been collaborating with me in the detection of phytosterol in mixtures of animal and vegetable fats.

    Chapter 5

  • I started to take a phytosterol complex of 1000 mg. but am only taking one per day.

    Mouse Print»Blog Archive » Bayer with Heart Advantage: Not a One a Day Aspirin

  • If you do more research, one will find that the recommended daily dose of phytosterol is 1800 mg.

    Mouse Print»Blog Archive » Bayer with Heart Advantage: Not a One a Day Aspirin

  • Cholesterol is frequently found in animal fats, and phytosterol is a very similar substance present in vegetable fats.

    The Handbook of Soap Manufacture

  • The unsaponifiable matter naturally present as cholesterol, or phytosterol, ranges in the various oils and fats from 0.2 to 2.0 per cent.

    The Handbook of Soap Manufacture

  • The presence of cholesterol and phytosterol may be detected by dissolving a small portion of the unsaponifiable matter in acetic anhydride, and adding a drop of the solution to one drop of 50 per cent. sulphuric acid on a spot plate, when a characteristic blood red to violet coloration is produced.

    The Handbook of Soap Manufacture

  • Another method is to convert the substance into acetate, and take its melting point, cholesterol acetate melting at 114. 3-114.8° C., and phytosterol acetate at 125. 6°-137° C. Additional tests for cholesterol have been recently proposed by

    The Handbook of Soap Manufacture

  • It has been proposed to differentiate between cholesterol and phytosterol by their melting points, but it is more reliable to compare the crystalline forms, the former crystallising in laminæ, while the latter forms groups of needle-shaped tufts.

    The Handbook of Soap Manufacture

  • _ -- Unsaponifiable matter may consist of cholesterol, phytosterol, solid alcohols (cetyl and ceryl alcohols), or hydrocarbons (mineral oil).

    The Handbook of Soap Manufacture


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