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  • n. a semiconductor two-terminal component whose electrical characteristics are light-sensitive


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  • The researchers have already fabricated, tested and measured a simple solar cell (called a photodiode, just so you know) that was formed from an individual carbon nanotube.


  • DVDs and CDs by bouncing finely focused beams off surfaces and using a "photodiode" sensor to read variations in reflected light as a code.

    Air Force Times - News

  • The clump would be deposited onto a photodiode using an inert gas.

    James M. Gentile: Advancing Technology Through Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

  • Professor Taylor's solution, as Rebecca Boyle writes in Popular Science, is to embed a nanoscale clump of material onto the photodiode, which would self-assemble into fractal shapes.

    James M. Gentile: Advancing Technology Through Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

  • I am seeing already the possibility of feeding the quench signal into a pulse stretcher, driving a super bright red LED, and aiming that at the auto-exposure photodiode on your choice of auto flash...


  • You would wear glasses with a camera in the frame, a photodiode sensor to monitor your eye movements, a voice transmitter in the earpiece and a short-range radio connection to a pagerlike device worn on a belt or in a handbag.

    If All The World's A Computer...

  • In other words, the term "2.5T" refers to 5 MOS transistors being shared between two photodiodes, or "2.5 transistors" per photodiode.

    The 271 Patent Blog

  • Semiconductor elements which can be influenced by light photoresistance cell photodiode photocell with depletion layer phototriode p-n-p switching diode p-n-p-n

    1. Selected Graphical Symbols of Electrotechnology

  • The high-bandwidth receiver contains a PIN photodiode.

  • The PIN photodiode is packaged in an optical subassembly that couples the optical power efficiently from POF fiber to the receiving PIN.


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