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  • adj. of, or relating to photons or to photonics


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  • H-P, for example, on Monday will discuss what it calls a photonic bus, which sends light pulses through short, hollow tubes called waveguides.

    At Forum, H-P Plans Laser Focus

  • Or you could use those same satellites to weave and unravel those “magnetic ropes” to manipulate the flow of solar wind particles, as one would strum the strings of a cello to create certain photonic vibrations.

    Aurora Bibliothèque

  • Hands On: SIM2 MICO 50 ProjectorPhlatLight LEDs 'name comes from "the underlying, enabling technology that we call photonic lattice, which is a nano structure embedded into the LEDs, and essentially helps with light extraction," explains Stephane Bellosguardo, product marketing director, projection display business.

    CE Pro Recently Filed

  • The idea, known as photonic computing, has become one of the hottest areas of computer research.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Gadgets

  • The chip, called a photonic silicon waveguide, is a piece of silicon dotted with arrays of tiny holes.

    IBM Slows the Speed of Light | Impact Lab

  • Infinera's technology compresses 50 optical components like lasers, modulators and diodes onto a so-called photonic integrated circuit, or PIC, chip the size of an infant's fingernail.

    NYT > Technology

  • The researchers combined the copper patterns with millimetre-sized round holes in the surface, which leads to additional resonances as in so called photonic crystals and further improves the absorption. - latest science and technology news stories

  • This "slow light" waveguide, designed by a team led by Yuri A. Vlasov of IBM's Thomas J. Watson Research Center, could be used as a buffer for optical signals and thus would be a crucial component of an optical (or "photonic") computer, or an all-optical network router.

    Chip the Light Fantastic

  • The "photonic" quantum computers seem to be pretty ordinary arrangements of lasers.

    The Reference Frame

  • The American and Australian authors use the latest "photonic" quantum computer technology to calculate the complete spectrum of the hydrogen molecule to 20 bits of precision (almost one part per million accuracy).

    The Reference Frame


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