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  • v. Present participle of photoshop.


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  • I too think the photoshopping is juvenile, but did McCain ok his photos to be photoshopped and did he allow the photog to have private use of the shots after the magazine was done?

    Cooperative Blog » Blog Archive » McCain Photo on the Cover of The Atlantic

  • And yet, the advertisers must have felt compelled otherwise to strongly "retouch"--airbrush is the industry term of the digital process of "photoshopping"--Roberts' and Turlington's photo shoots. News

  • The photoshopping is a little off in some covers, it would be great if it's the natural background but the coloured background definitely make the V and models themselves stand out, which should be something they wanted since they went for solely the supers of the supers for this issue.

    Rock The Trend

  • We have lots and lots of outstanding images, (with a dash of 'photoshopping') of Mars.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • If it's a painting from a photograph...what's the point of 'photoshopping' over it?

    Megan Fox Speed Painting

  • We really don't know the truth to any of this, but by "photoshopping" a picture of Kucinich with a picture of a "flying saucer" makes me think of a cynical agenda.

    Kucinich Had A UFO Encounter, According To Friend Shirley MacLaine

  • This way, they can't be accused of "photoshopping" the photo.

    Did Virginia GOP Mailer Shade Pic Of Osama To Look Like Obama?

  • Concerning the particular issue of the 7/7 bombing and the presumed 'photoshopping', I have two particular issues: (i) can the 'photoshopping' be traced reliably to some UK government agency; and if so (ii) can an impeachable motive be attached reliably to their action (ie does it matter)?

    [memorial] authorities whitewash calls for enquiry

  • Having watched all of these, apart from being VERY informative for brushing up on "photoshopping", they are very amusing and there are common themes throughout.

    "You suck at Photoshop" series by Donnie Hoyle

  • Check out his 'photoshopping' pages, he's clearly someone with far too much time on his hands.

    Ironed Sardines


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