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  • interj. Expresses sexual desire on seeing a person that one is attracted to.


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Imitative of the sound made, with the mouth initially partly closed and then opened wide.


  • The words that have gained an official entry to the English language, and that sticks out a mile are words like "phwoar" - "expression of enthusiastic or lubricious approval".

    The Times of India

  • Mary Shelley adored the version with Cooke as the monster (her "phwoar" reaction to him is almost audible in her letter about the performance).

    Projections of puppet theatre

  • And I too have noticed women doing the old 'phwoar' thing (although I have never been ogled at by a women since I was about 17, as I was considerably more 'strapping' than I am now) - so that must be true too.

    Girls Like Pink ...Fact

  • God knows why I didn't think 'phwoar', it's quite the mystery - as on paper, his character sounds like the ultimate fantasy of twisted yours truly that voice, all powerful, massive house, deeply evil, can't be bad.

    Sweeney Todd rules

  • Hmmm I always thought "phwoar" was British but yay, there are other people who use it.

    Kit Kat Noir

  • Mail website, many of them variations on "phwoar", would indicate something similar.

    Splintered Sunrise

  • The shapely curves and head-turning 'phwoar' power of classic cars are attracting women - and not as passengers. - Stuff

  • Katrina LobleyBurlesque beauty Vivi Valentine brings 'phwoar' to the floor.


  • Burlesque beauty Vivi Valentine brings 'phwoar' to the floor.


  • The words "phwoar", "stud muffin" and "arm candy" have officially become part of the English language after the bastion of words the Oxford English Dictionary added them to a new publication.

    British Blogs


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  • Or the sound made by one of those big-ass movie studio wind machines.

    February 2, 2007

  • As an enthusiastic expression of desire, approval, or excitement, esp. in regard to sexual attractiveness: ‘cor!’ ‘wow!’

    Favorite usage: Phwoar!! What juicy big pink tumblers!! (1980 Viz Comic July 1)

    February 2, 2007