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  • n. A list of items to be gathered from a warehouse.
  • n. A list from which the user can make a selection.


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pick +‎ list


  • (This is to make it efficient to rename picklist values and support multi-language translations, among other things.)

    Salesforce IdeaExchange

  • For our part, we are mostly creating new objects and linking lookup fields to them ti provide new "picklist" fields - it's a sledghammer to crack a nut, but it has the advantage that we can expose the list of values to be edited in a controlled way by specific users.

    Salesforce IdeaExchange

  • Choose the Ignore option in the picklist to skip the file in the import process.

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  • Select the Create New option in the picklist to create a custom entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM on the fly for the data import, assuming you have the appropriate security privileges.

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  • Map the source file to an existing entity by selecting the entity name in a picklist.

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  • If the attribute type is a picklist, then you can set the default value by articles

  • This allows the user to choose from a picklist or set of displayed options.

    Latest News from JAVA Developer's Journal

  • · Fields improvements: picklist for names and doclinks.

    Softpedia - Windows - All

  • When I run this code sample (with just a DropDown contro on the aspx page) I get this value in the picklist: System.

    ASP.NET Forums

  • Last point on the data - your picklist columns are represented as

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