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  • n. Any of various mesembryanthemums of the genus Carpobrotus, native to coastal areas of Australia, and producing edible fruits.


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From pig +‎ face.


  • We have been forced to boil the tops of the pigface, to satisfy the wants of nature.

    The Journals of John McDouall Stuart

  • This pigface let a known sexual predator remain in the Congress as the Chairman of the Committee against Exploited and Missing Children.

    Think Progress » Hastert: Liberals Want To Take ‘The 130 Most Treacherous People In The World’ and ‘Release Them Out In The Public’

  • Uck, two perverted pigs-Loofah / falafel man OReally and that other pigface Dick Morris (toe sucker and dog collar wearer).

    Think Progress

  • KARL ROVE pigface IS A criminal GOOD MAN. GEORGE BUSH cronyism WOULD NOT HAVE HIRED HIM blackmail IF NOT.

    Think Progress » Karl Rove “now more worried,

  • we're listening to dan in real life right now! my kids love the ruthie pigface draper song - the rest of the album is for me!

    Sondre Lerche

  • No—if that were so, the People’s Revolutionary Council would confiscate it, and Mr. Cooper wouldn’t get a pigface.


  • Your comment (s) on this article hey allah our pigface we know that we r not as smart as Jews, Hindus or Christians our women are so hairy that we have to keep them under burqa - cause otherwise people may puke seeing them Why did u give us short dicks that is NOT nice allah And why did we lose all wars with Hindus and Jews and Americans tell me We know we haven ` t given anything to the world except our asses to be spanked by Jews in Palestine, Indians in Kashmir and Pakistan, And by USA in Afghanistan and IraqWhy Allah the pigface, why did you make us so lame and useless please tell us please tell us oops I gotta run some HinJews are after me ttyl political tamasha should start after the brave have finsihed their act of bravery where is modi the criminal the main actor of the tamasha Really whatever had been done, The government should take the neccessary and strong action againta the terrerist and terreriosm, but also think what is the root cause, why terrerist born? until unless these kind of politician like gujrat chief minister, bihars former chif minister they will not stop to playing wid the people this could not be stopped please dont do any politics, unite and stay together and fight for the nation

    Zee News : India National


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  • The edible fruit of Carpobrotus glaucescens, a succulent in the plant family Aizoaceae.

    May 14, 2010