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  • n. Alternative spelling of pygmy.


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  • Bonobos also known as pigmy chimpanzees use heterosexual and homosexual sex to settle disagreements, engaging in such depraved acts as oral sex and "penis fencing."

    Darwin's slutty primates

  • To be upset by such a pigmy was the height of mortification.

    Driven From Home

  • You came in with a roar, totally ignoring the Clinton agreement, then naming Iraq, Iran, and North Korea the Axis of Evil, and insulting Kim Il Jung as being a "pigmy".


  • These are probably remnants of the "pigmy" pre-Dravidian or Negrito-Papuan element, which constituted the most ancient inhabitants of the island and who long ago were driven inland from the coveted coast.

    Popular Science Monthly Oct, Nov, Dec, 1915 — Volume 86

  • As Fred was the "pigmy" of the party his efforts were ridiculous, but they nevertheless served to remove a part of the tension under which all were laboring.

    The Go Ahead Boys and Simon's Mine

  • Elizabeth's "pigmy;" especially as Dr. Dale and himself had only half a red herring between them for luncheon, and supped afterwards upon an orange.

    History of the United Netherlands, 1588a

  • The creatures lived on an island - a kind of pigmy Jurassic Park - and were up to eight times smaller than some of their mainland cousins.


  • It was a slow travail, and man, used to nursing nature with pigmy skill, able to burst waterspouts and harness waterfalls, could avail nothing against the billions of frigid tons which refused to run down the hill to

    CHAPTER 23

  • I see him yet standing there like a pigmy out of the Arabian Nights before the huge front of some malignant genie.

    Chapter 17

  • It sems like every other day a freind calls up and askes for help getting a pigmy rattler out of a garage or a mocison out of the pool.

    Snakes in the Grass?


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  • See pygmy.

    October 21, 2008