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  • n. The acicular leaf of the pine-tree.


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  • Amid such embarrassments, Arthur finds solace in his requited love for his sons, in the support of a few loyal friends, and in small pleasures such as the pine-needle liqueur he discovers when, hoping a vacation will help, he visits a boyhood friend in France.

    2009 January 18 « One-Minute Book Reviews

  • Wind ruffled pine-needle fingers on branches behind her and cut through the layers of cotton shirts she wore.


  • No alcohol; but a tangy fermented pine-needle tea is served.

    Barry Yourgrau: Finding Seoul Between a Hipster Bar and a Night Market

  • Set up three years ago with help from the World Wildlife Fund, the nursery is part of a mix of projects & ndash; direct payments from the government and contributions from private companies; a scheme for collecting sap and selling it to turpentine manufacturers; sales of woven pine-needle artisanry, and hopes for a tourist operation & ndash; that could provide income streams for future generations.

    Reserve Succeeds In Saving Trees But Not Critters

  • We found a secluded place to park, hiked up under a thick stand of trees, and spread a thick blanket on a pine-needle carpet.


  • Their long, pine-needle shape allows them to lodge in lung pockets, causing scarring that eventually destroys the tissue.

    Is Ground Zero Safe?

  • Mark lurched up, tipping us out of the hammock onto the pine-needle strewn earth.

    Rhubarb Sky « First 50 Words – Writing Prompts

  • I heaped up pine-needle duff into a mattress, then crisscrossed pine and fir boughs over the top to a depth of a foot, needle tufts toward the middle.

    Field & Streams Ultimate Winter Survival Tips

  • On the home leg now, Cassidy cruised easily along the rocky trail just below the ridge, admiring how the undersides of the taller trees reflected liquid gold down onto the pine-needle forest floor, glowing reddish itself now.

    Again to Carthage

  • He looked down at the pine-needle bed in the rocks and was puzzled.

    Mercy Falls


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