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  • adj. having lost your job


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  • On his cryptic "I was worried I was going to get pink-slipped" remark:I came out of school, and I got an entry level position like the other people that were freshly minted MBAs, and like anybody that starts at the bottom of an enterprise you wonder, when you don't do so well, whether you're going to be able to hang onto your job.

    New Hampshire primary - live: Mitt Romney fends off attacks

  • The Portland building permit bureau -- whatever Orwellian name it goes by these days -- is broker than broke, and that means it may have to lay off even more employees than it's already pink-slipped.

    Eat what you kill -- but at City Hall? (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • At this point in the economic cycle, they are piling up like used tires: debt-sacked college kids who can't get jobs, foreclosed homeowners, failed small-business owners, pink-slipped employees, millions suddenly ejected from the middle class and now a couple Republican candidates who won't be our next president.

    Occupy Mitt Romney!

  • All HHS did was suspend Class policy planning, told Senate Democrats to zero out Class funding for 2012, reassigned Class's career staffers to other projects and pink-slipped the program's chief actuary.

    The Definition of Insanity

  • They were simply pink-slipped by corporate employers whose duty was to profit at any cost.

    Adrienne Parks: Bullying Part Deux: Occupy Wall Street and the Gay Movement

  • In June of this year, he pink-slipped all of the fine-art teachers and a third of the music teachers.

    Dora Taylor: So who will Take Over D.C. Schools now that Rhee is out?

  • Even if President Obama tomorrow brought home each and every troop in Iraq and Afghanistan, tore down the Pentagon, shuttered the CIA and the national security agencies of government, and pink-slipped the three million men and women defending the country, it would not solve America's financial woes.

    The Peril of Deep Defense Cuts

  • All of these companies deny discrimination against women, but one plaintiff says her company has pink-slipped a generation of future female Wall Street leaders.

    Citigroup Slammed With Lawsuit By Former Female Employees

  • We, the pink-slipped of America, must continue to hold our heads up high and refuse to accept any notions of diminished self-value.

    Kelly Smith Beaty: How Charlie Sheen Made 14.1 Million Americans Winners

  • In most states, union contracts or state law requires they be done by seniority, so the newest teachers are pink-slipped, no matter how good they are.

    Chicago’s Lesson in Layoffs


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  • "to pink-slip" - to notify employees that they are beling laid off.

    "The recession is forcing Maryland ... to slash $300 million from the state budget, a move that ... has public workers around the region worried about being pink-slipped." (Washington Examiner, p.4, 7/20/2009)

    August 2, 2009