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  • n. The edible saltwater clam Plebidonax deltoides, endemic to Australia.
  • n. The edible saltwater clam Paphies australis, of the family Mesodesmatidae, endemic to New Zealand.

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  • n. The astringent pods of Cæsalpinia Pipai, a Brazilian plant, sometimes imported along with divi-divi for tanning, though very inferior.
  • n. A Maori name of Mesodesma novæ-zelandicæ, an edible shell-fish sometimes erroneously called the cockle.


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From Maori.


  • After poultry, pork is the most popular meat to serve in pipián sauces, and goes particularly well with green pipián, where the fresh green chiles and herbs counterbalance the richness of pork.

    Pork in Green Pipian: Puerco en Pipián Verde

  • For her grandaughter Luz Dolores '15th birthday fete some months before, a dozen chickens raised by the family were slaughtered and stewed in pipián sauce, to be served to party-goers along with massive quantities of rice and refried beans.

    Huellas ...Dona Carlota

  • But he calls it shouts "pipi", which is the non-scientific Spanish word for "penis".

    Where Dora Don't Go

  • The beach is composed entirely of the shells of "pipi" (small cockles); always, therefore, dry and pleasant to walk upon.

    Life of John Coleridge Patteson

  • Just tap the shell to cycle through the four modes: 1) walk and run mode where it will waddle for you; 2) Sing mode where it sings a song; 3) Race mode where it will run as fast as it can signalled by the "pipi" of a whistle) and 4) Rhythm mode where it will walk in a rhythm you create through the tapping of its shell.

    Mini Robotic Turtle – Calpis Walkie Bits

  • The soil is very dry, and the beach composed exclusively of small "pipi" shells ” small bivalves.

    Life of John Coleridge Patteson

  • Jeremy from Kenya looks cute, and Itai from Zimbabwe looks like he has a huge pipi … Cant wait for shower hour.

    Global Voices in English » Big Brother Africa IV: The Revolution is on

  • No es lo mismo el rio Mississipi que me hice pipi en el rio. sergiogomez

    Albures, or Dirty Spanish 101

  • There you can eat pork-rind soup laced with avocado or shrimp enchiladas in green pipi

    Modernity in Monterrey

  • "Fais un petit pipi dans le petit pot, mon petitcoco."

    pot - French Word-A-Day


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  • Any of several species of edible bivalves from New Zealand and Australia.

    November 18, 2007