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  • v. Present participle of pitchfork.


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  • We take turns standing on the truckload of mulch, pitchforking the barrows full, and pushing them up the long, steep driveway, around to the back of the house, through the trees, to dump and spread among a stand of white pines.

    Garden Goddess for Hire

  • We needed some excitement in the plunging of this so-called republican majority that rove architected so masterfully. it didn't help that the sex scandals of congressional district FL-16 was lame this cycle. so he slept with ugly women staffers and now his wife is leaving him. big deal. that is so newt. so 90's. and elliot spitzer was a million years ago. so pitchforking on Michele Bachmann will just have to do.

    New Poll: Bachmann Fighting For Political Life

  • And they start pitchforking and using a shovel to deflate this balloon.

    CNN Transcript Oct 15, 2009

  • Then, in August, a maintenance worker who was pitchforking trash in the city landfill discovered the remains of a body.

    Their Dogs Came With Them

  • They recounted instances of stabbing, hacking, and pitchforking animals with fondness.

    Wolves, Actors, Jihadis

  • And then there are the ones that are a bit of a stretch: Weedwhacking, pitchforking, brooming (I kid you not, I heard that term used more than once.)

    spectre12 Diary Entry

  • At the root of all things, pitchforking from the stack, stands — the farmer, moustached, and always upright was he not in the

    The Inn of Tranquillity: Studies and Essays

  • The center of the altar was evidently a deep hollow cauldron, into which a score of men, costumed as satyrs, were pitchforking Bibles.

    The Mark of the Beast

  • Ken had a glimpse of a giant next him, literally pitchforking a Turk out of the trench, lifting him like a gaffed salmon on the end of his bayonet.

    On Land and Sea at the Dardanelles

  • When he drew near they put more spirit into their pitchforking.

    Fort Amity


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  • This is stabbing the (metaphorical) ground randomly until you get the suspect, right?

    October 14, 2007

  • I'll definitely be personally following up with the organizers. I'm absolutely against any pitchforking -- and want to make sure that we, as the BarCamp community, can provide an example for how best to deal with issues where use of the BarCamp mark is contested. -- factoryjoe, Digg

    October 14, 2007