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  • n. A pitot head / pitot tube

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  • n. French physicist for whom the Pitot tube was named (1695-1771)
  • n. measuring instrument consisting of a right-angled tube with an open end that is directed in opposition to the flow of a fluid and used to measure the velocity of fluid flow


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After Henri Pitot


  • Airbus and regulators had established procedures to handle such situations with the probes, which are called pitot tubes.

    Crash Report Shows Confused Cockpit

  • Automatic messages sent by the Airbus 330's computers showed it was receiving false air speed readings from sensors known as pitot tubes.

    Investigators find black box from Air France crash

  • As part of the Air France crash probe, investigators identified at least 17 instances of temporary malfunctions of external speed sensors, called pitot tubes, on A330 and A340 aircraft world-wide between 2003 and 2008.

    Safety Agency Proposes Airbus Software Changes

  • The plane's autopilot briefly switched off twice, according to the report, indicating that the airspeed-sensors, called pitot tubes, suffered two separate, distinct malfunctions.

    Air-Safety Experts Study Sensor Failures

  • According to a report issued by French investigators in November 2009, Airbus identified 32 instances involving similar model jetliners between 2003 and 2009 in which external speed probes, known as pitot tubes, suffered ice buildup at high altitude and caused "erroneous air speed indications."

    Black Boxes Point to Pilot Error

  • The external sensors, called pitot tubes, can malfunction because they may "become partially or completely blocked by water" during or after flying through heavy rain, according to the agency.

    FAA Proposes Airspeed-Sensor Fixes

  • Investigators surmise that the plane flew through a thunderstorm, causing a temperature gauge to be coated with ice and thus give false readings which in turn caused speed sensors, known as pitot tubes, to give even more false readings, ultimately tripping the cascade of failures throughout the plane's computer systems that sent AF447 into the ocean.

    Lawrence E. Joseph: Solar EMP and the Mystery of Air France 447

  • Automated maintenance data sent from the plane indicated serious problems with its speed probes, known as pitot tubes.

    Airbus Jets to Replace Speed Probe

  • Delta currently is installing new airspeed sensors, known as pitot tubes, on its A330 fleet and expects to complete the work soon.

    Northwest Jet Suffers Similar Malfunctions to Air France Flight

  • Those speed readings, for example have raised questions about devices called pitot tubes which can found right here on either side of the fuselage up front.

    CNN Transcript Jun 8, 2009


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  • "Plane manufacturer Airbus has urged airlines to change the make of the majority of speed sensors on about 200 long haul aircraft. Airbus has issued a bulletin to airlines recommending that they switch the parts, also known as pitots, to those made by US manufacturer Goodrich.

    The moves comes as investigations continue into the cause of the fatal crash of an Air France Airbus in June. Investigators have said speed sensors, or pitots, may have been a factor."

    - Airbus urges speed sensor switch,, 30 July 2009.

    July 31, 2009