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  • n. The quality of being placeless.


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  • It is that placelessness which is at once a great strength and great weakness.

    Huffin Glue | Jewschool

  • Communities that craft a vision for the de - When such uses are in proximity, walking, velopment of architecture, streetscapes and 9 Make Development Decisions Incited by demographic shifts and environmen - biking and transit are viable; streets are landscapes are reflecting their own values, Predictable, Fair and Cost Effective tal and economic concerns, communities like vibrant, and property values rise. thereby distinguishing their community The smart growth development process can Manchester are adopting the principles from others and avoiding the "placelessness" require time-consuming and costly variances. of smart growth to adapt to the shifts to - 2 Take Advantage of Compact that comes from places looking too similar. ward sustainable values and competitive State and local governments can support Building Design positioning.

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  • All these books have strange, often adolescent protagonists to whom weird and grotesque things happen almost by accident, casually disturbing their otherwise suburban lives – and also a certain sense of timelessness and placelessness (this is an America we recognise, yet it is not real, and its cities are rarely named).

    Daniel Clowes: 'You've got to be obsessed'

  • Placing poetry in this particular way — tracing lyric to one of its hidden sources — helps to recover a little-known vernacular tradition, a genre of "lost" poems; yet it also raises, more generally, certain theoretical questions about configurations of place, or placelessness, in language and about the topography of poetic form.

    Club Monad

  • While Vonnegut bitterly lampooned the placelessness of Midwestern life in Breakfast of Champions with his portrait of a fictional "Midland City" based on Indianapolis, he also wrote warmly of the way the very flatness of the region could inspire "awe for an Edenic continent stretching forever in all directions."

    Matt Sledge: Kurt Vonnegut Returns To Midland City

  • Or indeed, what do we make positive use of the placelessness of the net?

    am I an americanist? : Stephen Burt : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

  • "The modern shopping mall is the cathedral of air-conditioned culture," says Arsenanlt, "and it symbolizes the placelessness of the New South."

    Air Conditioning

  • Meanwhile, I've been playing around discovering a fascinating account of 19th century ornithological controversy over the taxonomy of the piping plover in the archival dust of Early Canadiana Online see my entry at The Plover Warden Diaries, reading about how it is that failure in the American quest for placelessness made the Monadnock Region what it is today, and cruising the web discovering the Greatest Software Ever Written.

    the quest for placelessness

  • Oh, darn, I've digressed from placelessness to my deep discomfort with my family's contention that Animal, Vegetable, Miracle proves I should not be vegetarian if I care about the planet.

    the quest for placelessness

  • Complementing the placelessness of this event, this becoming, the city is often experienced and construed as something that accomplishes this for us, calling forth the action of latent selves, wakes them from slumber.

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  • Wow. Another new term: Placelessness = designing applications without knowing the physical context of the users. (Dan Brown, twitter)

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