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  • adj. Having characteristics of a plant


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  • The long-current idea that animal tissues grow only as a sort of deposit from the blood-vessels was now discarded, and the fact of so-called plantlike growth of animal cells, for which Schwann contended, was universally accepted.

    A History of Science: in Five Volumes. Volume IV: Modern Development of the Chemical and Biological Sciences

  • The new genes were making the neurons behave in plantlike ways.

    World Wide Mind

  • Authorities found a "small plastic sandwich bag containing a green leafy plantlike substance and a small wooden marijuana pipe."

    Russ Belville: The Top Ten "Stupid Stoner Stories" of 2011

  • But there was also something plantlike in the way Rain lay.


  • He seemed so naive and plantlike, believing in chamomile herbs, not owning a camera, thinking I had a poodle that died.

    So I Drew Him a Poodle

  • The condition is caused by eating fish containing toxins produced by the dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus toxicus, a one-celled plantlike organism that grows on algae in tropical waters worldwide.


  • The 'bots built cybernetic implants in the body, which then came bursting all metal-plantlike and horrifying out of the host's skin, reinforcing, rewiring, or just plain replacing the original organs.


  • The Communities were not plants, but it was easiest to think of them in those terms since most of the time, most of them looked so plantlike.


  • A fungus is a microscopic plantlike organism that likes to take up residence on the human body.

    Earl Mindell’s New Herb Bible

  • But strangely, I feel myself most plantlike when I am at the mercy of a strong Gorean master, who may water me as he pleases.

    December 6th, 2005


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