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  • n. Alternative spelling of plowshare.

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  • n. a sharp steel wedge that cuts loose the top layer of soil


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plough + share


  • Only by the ploughshare is the earth cut in furrows; but that this may be, other parts of the plough are necessary.

    A Source Book for Ancient Church History

  • It's primary meaning is 'ploughshare' and its secondary meaning is precisely 'penis' or 'membrum virile' in VictorianSpeak, if you may.

    Archive 2010-09-01

  • Sharing recently some online leads hinting that the aforementioned Indic word kapr̥t- is fundamentally 'ploughshare' rather than 'penis', I've met some disbelieving resistance.

    Archive 2010-09-01

  • To the 'ploughshare' and the 'plough' the Rig Veda has an hymn (IV.

    The Religions of India Handbooks on the History of Religions, Volume 1, Edited by Morris Jastrow

  • In a characteristic Spielberg move, this prefatory sequence is conceived in miraculous terms: the horse and his boy surging triumphantly over the stony ground, driving their ploughshare through solid rock to a persistently soaring soundtrack.

    War Horse – review

  • All too often, the problem is not that the axiom is unhelpful or untrue, but that over time it has come, ploughshare into sword, to be adopted by one side or the other as a weapon.

    Bradley Burston: Israelis Need a Gandhi of Their Own

  • Rather than turn your sword into a ploughshare, why not combine your plough with a medium-sized artillery piece?

    Unconventional Inventions

  • The scrubland and bamboo forests of the ecoregion are the habitat of one of the most endangered reptiles in the world, the ploughshare tortoise (Geochelone yniphora).

    Madagascar dry deciduous forests

  • These include two of the six Malagasy endemic baobab species (Adansonia grandidieri and A. suarezensis), two species or subspecies of primate, Perrier's sifaka and golden crowned sifaka, western forest rat, and ploughshare tortoise.

    Madagascar dry deciduous forests

  • One more sword turned into a ploughshare by private endeavour!



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