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  • n. A bonnet having a projecting front of a nearly conical form, worn about the beginning of the nineteenth century and later.


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  • What she looks like, according to Kay: She has a hooky nose, a hooky chin, very bright black eyes, long dingle-dangle earrings which click, a poke-bonnet, a red cloak, a stick with a hooky handle, and pointy black shiny shoes.

    Witch of the Day: Sylvia Daisy Pouncer

  • An old lady in a poke-bonnet came out of the parlor, and put on her spectacles, and looked at the letter, and fumbled in her pocket for eightpence, and apologized to the postman for keeping him waiting.

    The Fatal Boots

  • There, enjoying a moment of lugubrious idleness, may be sitting an old countrywoman with steady eyes in a lean, dusty-black dress and an old poke-bonnet; by her side, some gin-faced creature of the town, all blousy and draggled;

    The Inn of Tranquillity: Studies and Essays

  • She was a rosy, apple-cheeked woman, and her vivid colouring was thrown into relief by the long black cloak and the close-fitting, black poke-bonnet that she wore.

    Maurice Guest

  • A new solar-hat, a poke-bonnet sort of head-gear, was designed and tied on the pates of one thousand transport camels as an experiment to prevent sickness and sunstroke.

    Khartoum Campaign, 1898 or the Re-Conquest of the Soudan

  • Her dress was invariably of grey taffeta or brocade, bunched at the back and trailing on the ground; there were ruffles, of priceless lace at the elbow-sleeves and V-shaped neck; a plain straw poke-bonnet served for all outdoor functions, and an ebony stick, called "the wand" by the denizens of the slums, who adored her, completed her picturesque toilette.

    The Hawk of Egypt

  • Clad in a voluminous grey taffeta gown, from under which peeped little crimson shoes; covered with a huge loose ermine wrap, with the black poke-bonnet on top of the outrageous golden perruque and the grey parrot bobbing up and down excitedly upon her shoulder, she stood silently taking in the scene.

    The Hawk of Egypt

  • The hump-backed little figure with poke-bonnet and cane was chased out upon the broken landing.

    The Campfire Girls of Roselawn Or, a Strange Message from the Air

  • "Isn't he?" quietly replied the lady addressed, as the tailoress sat down in the flag-bottomed rocking-chair, and began rocking vehemently, all the time eyeing Lizzy from the depths of her poke-bonnet with patient scrutiny.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 03, No. 17, March, 1859

  • They were both clad in uniforms cut unskilfully out of poor cloth, the man in a short coat with brass buttons, braided trousers, and a circular cap like a sailor's, and the woman in an old-fashioned dress with a tight-fitting bodice and a gored skirt; and round his cap and round the crown of her poke-bonnet were ribbons on which was printed: "Hallelujah Army."

    The Judge


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