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  • There are different kinds of carbon capture: precombustion usually refers to capturing CO2 from coal gasification (such as polygeneration, coal-toliquids, or IGCC) processes, post-combustion is associated with capturing carbon from the waste gases from conventional combustion (such as supercritical or ultra-super critical power plants), and oxy-fuel combustion is separation post oxygen-rich combustion.

    Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs - Latest Publications

  • To compete with coal (chapter 8), biomass energy may have to follow a polygeneration strategy - coproducing electricity, fuels, fibres, and food from biomass.

    Chapter 9

  • Six areas are essential for successful development and implementation of sustainable and economically competitive bio-energy systems: technologies, production, markets, polygeneration, externalities, and policy.

    Chapter 9

  • Utility policies have often made doing so difficult, but under the competitive market conditions towards which electric systems are evolving in many regions, cogeneration and polygeneration systems will often fare well.

    Chapter 7

  • Barriers to widespread deployment of advanced cogeneration and polygeneration systems are mainly institutional.

    Chapter 7

  • Although synthetic liquid fuels made in single-product facilities are not competitive, superclean syngas-derived synthetic fuels (such as synthetic middle distillates and dimethyl ether) produced in polygeneration facilities that make several products simultaneously may soon be.

    Chapter 7

  • Synthetic fuels produced through polygeneration will be based on natural gas if it is readily available.

    Chapter 7

  • In natural-gas-poor, coal-rich regions, polygeneration based on coal gasification is promising.

    Chapter 7

  • Rapidly growing polygeneration activity is already under way in several countries based on the gasification of low-quality petroleum feedstocks - activity that is helping to pave the way for coal-based systems.

    Chapter 7

  • The Department added it looks forward to working with SCS Energy to continue the development of this important polygeneration facility as a part of the Department's carbon capture, utilization, and storage CCUS major demonstration portfolio.


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    April 8, 2009

  • "An energy supply system, which delivers more than one form of energy to the final user, for example: electricity, heating and cooling can be delivered from one polygeneration plant." < href="http://www.polygeneration.net/">Polygeneration.net

    January 20, 2009