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  • adj. Having a bad smell.


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From pong +‎ -y.


  • According to the boffins, garlic has no flavour until the cell walls are broken, and when the cell walls are broken, the enzyme alliinase is released, which reacts with a precursor compound, alliin, to form diallyl thiosulfinate and other thiosulfinates the pongy and tasty side of the garlic.

    Food for Fort: Talking turkey, and other matters

  • The more the cell walls are broken, the more the various enzymes and precursor compounds get together, and the more pongy and tasty the garlic becomes.

    Food for Fort: Talking turkey, and other matters

  • Isn't there another slightly less pongy mercaptan that's used to make mains gas, normally scentless, smell of something?

    Here is the news

  • If you didn't like garlic then ran over a bulb of my super-pongy stuff then you'd be mighty upset at your car stinking of garlic for weeks, no?

    Garlic Pt.2.

  • I love cats, but the litter box is just too pongy for me!

    Saturday Photo Hunt

  • Near London, the High Wycombe museum has "Medieval Mayhem" and the Welwyn Roman Bath House - cocooned under the A1M motorway a generation ago -offers "fragrant Romans and pongy barbarians" and an explanation of ancient ablutions.

    National Archaeology Week in the United Kingdom

  • A goat's camembert, it had traveled from a small producer called Wobbly Bottom Farm; the name made her giggle, the pongy cheese smell was enticing, and the sample offered had her hooked.

    A Sad Tale of Some Frozen Cheese

  • Thus, from that account, the distinctly pongy Margot did intend to say what was in the text given to journalists but did not have time, leaving them including David Rennie of the Telegraph to publicise the original which she had in no way retracted and from which she had not even distanced herself.


  • Don't try this at home kids ... ugh, it's just a bit fizzy and pongy.

    long time no.......write?

  • This might go unnoticed in a pongy venue such as the Barfly, but in the rather more genteel environs of Quorn, the burly, staggering Swede stands out like Oliver Reed at an AA meeting.

    Culture |


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  • An adjective used to describe the sound of a ball bouncing.

    December 16, 2008

  • spongy without an 's' and yet everything that 'spongy' is and with some 'bounce' too :)

    December 16, 2008