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  • OED:

    1. Sexual intercourse.

    2. A dupe, a simpleton. Cf. NODDYPOOP n. Obs.

    Also, looking for the etymology of poop-noddy, it's broken down (of course) into poop:

    "Origin unknown. Compare earlier POOPED adj.1

    Perhaps compare Dutch poep derogatory term for a German, especially a migrant worker from northern Germany (17th cent.), also ‘foreigner’ in general (1798), of uncertain origin.

    trans. To fool, deceive, cheat, cozen; (also) to overcome.

    In quot. 1609 with punning allusion to POOP n.1 2."

    And noddy:

    "Origin uncertain. Perhaps < NOD v. + -Y suffix6, or perhaps (in sense 1) shortened < NODDYPOLL n. Compare later NOD n.2

    In sense 2a perhaps with allusion to the nodding behaviour of the birds during courtship."

    Noddy by itself has its own comments.

    October 15, 2008

  • a poop-noddy is a fool

    September 24, 2008