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  • n. Plural form of populist.


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  • If you compare and contrast Latin American populists, you notice many similarities but also significant differences across time and space.

    Nikolas Kozloff: Banana Republic, U.S.A.? "Populism" Comes to America

  • If Latin American populists made skilled use of radio in the twentieth century, today's populists must master the media environment to an even greater degree if they wish to thrive.

    Nikolas Kozloff: Banana Republic, U.S.A.? "Populism" Comes to America

  • Unlike Reagan or FDR, or recent Latin American populists for that matter, Obama has an amazing thirteen-million name contact list with 2 million volunteers.

    Nikolas Kozloff: Banana Republic, U.S.A.? "Populism" Comes to America

  • There will be no shortage of Latin American populists and European celebrities lining up to endorse the latter.

    Ben S. Cohen: The PA's Choice: Palestinian State or Palestinian Cause

  • Between 2002 and 2007, while the world was enjoying an unprecedented period of growth, it was easy to ignore those European socialists and Latin American populists who denounced the U.S. economic model as "cowboy capitalism."

    The Fall of America, Inc.

  • They've been confirmed again and again by generations of Latin American populists, from Juan Perón to Alan García.

    Oil Wars

  • In general, I love watching British politicians scuffle it up, it reminds me of how boorishly brutal and uncouth Latin American populists are. written by João da Silva, March 30, 2009


  • Like other Latin American populists, Chávez has pushed economic redistribution but only up to a certain point.

    Venezuela Analysis

  • But Iran's subversive activity in lawless regions of the Americas is often overshadowed by its more public interactions with Latin American populists such as Hugo Chávez of Venezuela,


  • For years, they've styled themselves as the "populists" - upholding the supposed simple virtues and gut patriotism of the common person against the cynicism and "moral relativity" of the over-educated, Chardonnay-swigging, stem-cell-hating, "liberal elite."

    Barbara Ehrenreich: Are You Too Stupid to Enjoy the Economy?


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