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  • n. Plural form of secularist.


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  • The faith of secularists is hidden behind you put your God in gaps (false for the reasons given) and I put materialism into my gaps.

    A Materialist Red Herring

  • But to suggest that Christmas has been changed by radical secularists is just simply not accurate.

    Amazingly, Christmas Comes Anyway « Unambiguously Ambidextrous

  • They feel that saying our founding fathers were secularists is a revision of history; and that teaching secular values in our schools is essentially breaching the separation of church and state, because to teach it is to deny their children their beliefs in God and Christ.

    inkblurt · More ‘isms!!

  • This obliviousness by American secularists is what has contributed greatly to the rise of religious fundamentalism in the U.S., and the destruction of seperation of church and state.


  • The sixth and final step for recovering secularists is to understand that this country was never very secular anyway.

    Kicking the Secularist Habit

  • I have my theological beefs with Mormonism, of course, but my experience is that people with some approximation of traditional religious faith have discovered that we have much more in common with one another than we do with the militant secularists, which is why evangelicals, Catholics, religious Jews, and the last of the remaining old-line Protestants have found so many opportunities for cooperation.


  • In my view these so-called secularists are motivated by genuine humanitarian considerations but in practice they seem to be perpetuating a mix of the political and sentimental approaches which have so far proved disastrous.

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • In my discussion here I have deliberately avoided mentioning the current conflict between the ideologies of the so-called secularists and the so-called champions of Hindu nationalism.

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • There are conservatives who self-identify as secularists, whether or not they believe in God or take a religion, and it is not for others to deny them their personal beliefs.

    Liberty and Tyranny

  • The so-called secularists have run the place since Kemal Atatürk founded modern Turkey through their control of the military, state bureaucracy and schools, and the courts.

    Turkish Regress


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