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  • n. A holder for ground espresso coffee that is attached to a group in an espresso machine to produce espresso.
  • n. A similar-shaped device but without a bottom opening, used to backflush or clean an espresso machine.


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Blend of portable and filter


  • Plus:A truly high-grade grinding experience, with an LCD display, 25 ! different grind settings and—for the espresso-lovers among us—nifty attachments that let you grind the coffee right into the portafilter.

    WSJ Test Kitchen: Coffee Grinders

  • She stepped to the espresso machine, dumped three big scoops of fine-ground coffee in the filter basket, and then rammed the handle of the metal portafilter into place to start the brew.

    Delta Anomaly

  • The pod has to be positioned just so to avoid the filter's tab from overlapping the portafilter seal but this is easily accomplished.

    Grind Your Beans

  • As I watched Lambert dose, distribute, tamp, and load the portafilter into the group head, she explained that the machine was equipped with not two, but five boilers all with individual temp control devices, one for each group and two for the steam wands.

    Serious Eats: New York

  • Turning off the espresso extraction does not immediately stop the process (the liquid keeps streaming out of the portafilter).

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  • The portafilter is mounted rather high which allows one to put a full-sized mug beneath it and not be limited to using demitasse cups.

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  • The problem that I've not encountered that several others have referred to is that my portafilter never gets clogged.

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  • A three-way solenoid valve is also included, providing immediate pressure release from the grouphead once an espresso pull is completed, allowing the portafilter to be removed and the next shot to be prepared instantly. New Blogs and RSS Feeds

  • The portafilter can be simply rinsed with hot soapy water.

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  • Likewise, after steaming milk, you have to press the brew button until water starts to drip out of the brewhead before attaching the portafilter.

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  • a basket with a handle that holds a tampered puck of coffee grounds, used on semi-automatic espresso machines

    June 29, 2010