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  • n. The quality of being positive; positivity
  • n. The result of being positive

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  • n. The quality or state of being positive; reality; actualness; certainty; confidence; peremptoriness; dogmatism. See positive, a.

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  • n. The state of being positive; actualness; reality of existence; not mere negation; undoubting assurance; full confidence; peremptoriness.

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  • n. a quality or state characterized by certainty or acceptance or affirmation and dogmatic assertiveness
  • n. an amount greater than zero
  • n. the character of the positive electric pole
  • n. the quality of being undeniable and not worth arguing about
  • n. the quality of being encouraging or promising of a successful outcome


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From positive +‎ -ness


  • But in the final analysis, the positive review simply in its positiveness, is displaying a passion, and therefore a reason to be passionate about whatever is reviewed, in this case, poetry, or poets.

    Accentuate the positive ...

  • "I imagine his positiveness is the secret of his success."

    The Great God Success

  • "I have changed my mind," he said, one evening, with that smiling positiveness which is so aggravating: "I am very much inclined to believe that Ben Craven did kill Clough."

    The Hallam Succession

  • Troth forbid we mistakenly use dogmatism to mean “positiveness in assertion of opinion especially when unwarranted or arrogant” or “a viewpoint or system of ideas based on insufficiently examined premises”.

    Bukiet on Brooklyn Books

  • “I saw the other one run off across the snow,” Bill announced with cool positiveness.

    The Trail of Meat

  • He thought it important enough that he advocated "the habit of expressing myself in terms of modest diffidence; never using, when I advanced any thing that may possibly be disputed, the words certainly, undoubtedly, or any others that give the air of positiveness to an opinion."

    In which Max discovers a tic, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • But he nodded his head positively, and the boys behind him nodded with equal positiveness.

    Under the Deck Awnings

  • "Mark my words!" he cried with abrupt positiveness.

    Chapter 31

  • "And we will," Billy rejoined with great positiveness.


  • "Nay," answered the old man with gentle positiveness.



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