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  • Aware that such discoveries are an inversion of the usual course of science, physicists have coined for them the new scientific term postdiction.

    Euclid’s Window

  • Jeremy is relaying a historical example of a successful prediction, while Kevin is making a postdiction.

    Evolution Videos and More - The Panda's Thumb

  • Most past research, however, has been postdiction, not prediction.

    Diffusion of Innovations

  • If a theory need make testable predictions as supposedly darwinism does, name 1 testable PREdiction (not postdiction) by darwinists of a speciation event in the last 146 years, where a species was studied in detail beforehand, and then PREdicted to evolve by purely natural means into another specifically described species, and then finally observed to evolve into that second species.

    ACLU wins in Dover

  • Also, after 20 years Witten now seems to have stopped claiming that string theory makes one prediction, SUSY (and one postdiction, gravity), perhaps because the Tevatron should have seen something weird in their dataset by now, had SUSY been there in the first place.

    The String Theory Backlash

  • Ah so you are saying any model assumption, or effort to use this model currently, is postdiction?

    Why 10 or 11?

  • It was striking evidence that M‑theory is doing something right, but still, really another postdiction.

    Euclid’s Window


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  • "According to critics of paranormal beliefs, postdiction (or post-shadowing, retroactive clairvoyance, or prediction after the fact) is an effect of hindsight bias that explains claimed predictions of significant events, such as plane crashes and natural disasters. In religious contexts it is frequently referred to by the Latin term vaticinium ex eventu, or prophesy after the event. Through this term, critics claim that many biblical prophecies (and similar prophecies in other religions) that may appear to have come true were in fact written after the events supposedly predicted, or that their text or interpretation were modified after the event to fit the facts as they occurred."


    March 20, 2008