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  • adj. Pertaining to postfeminism.
  • n. One who belongs to the postfeminism movement.


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  • The impulse to declare social movements dead is as old as social movements themselves; the term postfeminist was used as early as 1919, a year before women gained the right to vote.

    Big Girls Don’t Cry

  • With full-time schedules, inflexible hours and only minimal help from their husbands, the exhilaration of having it all turned to exhaustion, and then to anger, a kind of postfeminist backlash among some of the women themselves.

    Mommy Vs. Mommy

  • It's not likely that the folks who make clothing with words on the bum consider such issues, of course, but if you're über-optimistic, you might give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they're making a kind of postfeminist effort to turn sexism on its, uh, rear.

    Bum Rap

  • I might have said I was a feminist before 1970, which is when I became pregnant and developed a long-term relationship with one of New York City's outpatient clinics, but secretly I was a premature "postfeminist," convinced that sexism was a problem chiefly for the oversensitive and underassertive.

    Ms. Magazine Online

  • In the writer's defense, you usually don't write your own headers or sub-heads, so I can't really blame him for the "postfeminist" thing.


  • She kicked vampire and sexist butt, and in so doing, became a kind of postfeminist hero (ine) and icon. Main RSS Feed

  • I declared that I was not a postfeminist feminist, but the Third Wave.

    Rebecca Walker: How Anita Hill Taught us to Stand Up

  • Yea, these are the various postfeminist hurdles that stretched before me at 2: 00 a.m. as I lay awake in our bed, contorted not just by cats but by two children kicking me from both sides — Exhibit A of lazy, undisciplined attachment parenting.

    Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

  • If high-revving women are sexually frustrated, let them have some sort of French arrangement where they have two men, the postfeminist model dad building shelves, cooking bouillabaise, and ignoring them in the home, and the occasional fun-loving boyfriend the kids never see.

    Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

  • Her relationship with the mayor is something of a novelty in government circles, blending the rituals of a traditional political spouse with the contemporary realities of a postfeminist, post-sexual-revolution era.

    Bachelors In Office: Behind The First Girlfriends Of New York


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  • A rhetorical product of postmodernism, to which thinking people may respond with, "I'll be postfeminist in the post-patriarchy."

    February 6, 2007