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  • adj. Pertaining to anything which follows a lapse or failure.
  • adj. The state of being which followed the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.


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post- (“after”) + lapsus (“of the fall”) + -arian (“of or pertaining to”)


  • Do we know, a priori, that it was impossible for God to have established with national Israel, a kind of postlapsarian, typological, pedagogical (a word frequently used by


  • Pleasure soon turns into the pain of postlapsarian knowledge, fury at her entrapment, and hatred of her consort, Pluto.

    Passion and Precision

  • Pure sex is paradisal, but we lost it; postlapsarian lovemaking is represented as shockingly inferior.

    Heroic Milton: Happy Birthday

  • The ones who took billion-dollar bites from the apple are suffering postlapsarian blues.


  • But Alfric is the extreme signifier of Roman Catholicism's violent signified, whereas the novel's various misguided Protestants merely signify postlapsarian man's natural depravity.

    The Little Professor:

  • Benjamin Black/John Banville's neo-noir, set in 1950s Ireland and America, conjures up a very postlapsarian world indeed, in which characters do evil in the purported service of some greater good.

    The Little Professor:

  • So Christ reveals what the postlapsarian world is like and thankfully what it ought to be like.

    Archive 2007-09-01

  • The answer of course is that we live in the postlapsarian world, and we are all bitterly human.

    Archive 2006-02-05

  • This is because all civil dominium is based on the use of goods owned, which is the basis for all postlapsarian conceptions of justice (recall that for Wyclif, only God truly owns created things because creating a thing is necessary for owning it; hence, human beings are only lent created things and can use them justly, or unjustly in case they appropriate them for themselves).

    John Wyclif's Political Philosophy

  • The effect of the idea in its synthetic employ - ment was to provide an ontological backing for the dominion of some men over others: thus Aquinas could assert authority to be the natural relationship of supe - rior to inferior in any society of men, whether pre - lapsarian or postlapsarian, on the principle that through their guidance and direction the superiors were the causes or authors of the actions of their inferiors.



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  • i always saw it as reflective consciousness; a loss of innocence in becoming aware that one is aware fits more perfectly. think of the Adamites or Brethren of the Free Spirits if you wish.

    February 2, 2009

  • since it is one of the narrative's implications that the myth of the Fall can be understood as a fall into language, then the secondary, postlapsarian nature of language might be the very thing the Wake seeks to overcome by replacing it with a putative directness of communication that preceeded the Fall. intro to FW ix

    January 13, 2007