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  • v. Present participle of pour.
  • n. The act by which something is poured.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. flowing profusely


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  • We should have figured something was amiss when, after getting back on the highway, the coolant started again pouring from the heater onto the floor, but faster than I could soak it up.

    Broken Down Blues…

  • Even those of us who have other labels which make us pitchforks-and-torches targets -- dykes, fags, Jews, crips, poor and not upwardly mobile -- have had a jolt, seeing how much crazy is pouring from the seams.

    Seeing What's Been Broken For Centuries

  • The Tories seem intent in pouring in the resources, both financially and logistically, to facilitate the necessary changes - but there are two imponderables which they cannot influence solely with money and think-tanks:

    The approaching fork in the road for NI Unionism

  • Jindal and officials from several coastal parishes say the berms would close the door on oil still pouring from a mile-deep gusher about 50 miles out in the Gulf.

    His ego wrote checks his skills* can’t cash, Froma. | RedState

  • While she was suffering so horribly and being so put out my crew was pouring cement in pouring rain until 9: 15 at night so that we would have work for the following day.

    Michelle Obama-What a burden!

  • When SS tax revenue started pouring from the SS Act of 1935, Congress immediately increased spending to consume it.

    Social Security Privatization, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • I hunted with a buddy this past fall in pouring rain, less than 30 degree temps and 30+ mph winds.

    How to survive.

  • Genevieve was aware only of the diatribe; she knew a flood of abuse was pouring from the lips of the Jewess, but she was too stunned to hear the details of the abuse.

    Chapter 2

  • RAZ: But if you were to all of a sudden begin pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the economy, how sure are you that it would have a rapid, clear impact?

    Jobless After 50? You May Be Out Of Luck

  • On May 2, with rain pouring down and the nearby Cumberland River rising, a team worked to move valuables to higher elevations.

    Opry House's famed circle stays center stage after flood


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