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from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A place where powder is stored, as a bombproof building in fortified places, etc.
  • n. A specially constructed place on board a man-of-war for the storage and issue of explosives. See magazine, 1.


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  • “Elector” blew up, at a quarter past three P.M., by a lucky shot which fell into her caboose, and communicated with the powder-magazine, that Commodore Bowie was enabled to lay himself on board the “Dettingen,” which he carried sword in hand.

    Novels by Eminent Hands

  • A little spark falling by accident into a powder-magazine, hath done more execution in a siege, than an hundred cannon.

    Clarissa Harlowe

  • Bob Harvey had reclosed the door of the powder-magazine, and a movement on the deck indicated a general awakening of the pirates.

    The Mysterious Island

  • Had this half-naked man, who had forced the door of the powder-magazine, and with whom they had struggled, who had six times discharged his revolver at them, who had killed one and wounded two others, escaped their shot?

    The Mysterious Island

  • We are in the condition of passengers whose ship is devoured by a conflagration which they cannot extinguish, and who know that sooner or later the flames must reach the powder-magazine.

    The Mysterious Island

  • The church is a curious ruin; it was used as a powder-magazine, and was struck by lightning in one of the ten thousand thunderstorms of the Rio Plata.

    Journal of researches into the geology and natural history of the various countries visited by H.M.S. Beagle

  • Hamed el-Hassan besieged it in 1536 with an army of fifty thousand men, and owing to the accident of a powder-magazine blowing up and making a breach, the Sultan forced an entrance, to the astonishment of the Portuguese, who were all slaughtered.

    Travels in Morocco

  • A shell struck the walls of a powder-magazine not far from him, and scattered the pieces around his head, but fortunately the powder did not ignite.

    Complete Project Gutenberg Collection of Memoirs of Napoleon

  • Those left of the small garrison who were able to fight, placing the women in the center, sallied forth at midnight of the 22d of April, and cut their way through the Turkish camp; while those who were too feeble to attempt an escape assembled in a large mill that was used as a powder-magazine, and blew themselves and many of the incoming Turks to atoms.

    Mosaics of Grecian History

  • In BYRON'S Siege of Corinth, founded on the historical narrative; a poetical license is taken, and the death of Minotti and the remnant of his followers is attributed to the explosion of a powder-magazine fired by Minotti himself.

    Mosaics of Grecian History


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