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  • n. A school or college course, especially one in a specialized field of study, that is designed to give students supervised practical application of previously studied theory: advanced practicums in teaching reading.

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  • n. A college course designed to give a student supervised practical knowledge of a subject previously studied theoretically.
  • n. A science exam in which students are questioned about specimens or other objects placed in front of them.

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  • n. An example for student practice, as in laboratory or field work.


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German Praktikum, from Late Latin prācticum, neuter of prācticus, practical; see practical.

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From Late Latin, neuter of practicus ("practical"), from Ancient Greek πρακτικός (praktikós, "of or pertaining to action, concerned with action or business, active, practical"), from πράσσω (prassō, "I do").


  • The practicum is offered for 14-16 hours per week.

    Practicum Training

  • She got posted to Geylang Methodist Primary School for her month-long practicum, which is great for her because it is within strolling distance.

    jaimewolf Diary Entry

  • She plans to continue volunteering at Grant Elementary School, one of the sites where she completed a practicum, which is a work program organized by the school. - Top Stories

  • My preceptor for the practicum is a great guy, but he’s demanding as anything.

    qdiosa Diary Entry

  • REFERENCES 311 degree as well as at least one year of structured ners with their physician pharmaceopidemiologist training or 'practicum'.

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  • This practicum, which is being offered for the third consecutive summer, is held in conjunction with the Orthodox Church in America's Diaconal Vocations Program and is highly recommended for participants in the Church's program by the Holy Synod. "

    News from SVOTS.Edu

  • "An Overview of Literature" and "Critical Analysis" (mostly understood as formal analysis and "close reading") were expected to be at the heart of literary study as offered by most English departments, to which was added "creative writing" as a kind of practicum.

    Literary Study

  • I am now launching Artists & Instigators practicum-- and I've committed to make the "CO2 emission" of my job real, relevant change.

    Jason Pollock: EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Fashion Mogul Marc Ecko About 'Unlimited Justice'

  • Psychology practicum at CHOP academic year 2010-2011

    Practicum Training

  • Students are placed in one area of the hospital for their practicum experience.

    Child life student program types and applications


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  • In regular English this means running the gauntlet of real students in the classroom in order to practise one's newly acquired teaching skills under the supervision and guidance of an experienced teacher-mentor.

    (What's scary is the people who write such things as "The goal of the practicum experience…" claim to be educating teachers (i.e. communicators, among other things) and yet they are incapable of clear, regular expression themselves, instead resorting to weasel words of the worst kind!)

    October 30, 2008

  • The goal of the practicum experience is to provide a supervised applied experience in a set of discrete skill development exercises or exposure to the operations of a specific professional environment concurrent with classroom knowledge acquisition regarding relevant empirical and clinical background material.

    October 30, 2008