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  • v. Alternative form of prairie dog.


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  • But if it shoots into a half-inch and in the same place you can take it to the prairie-dog patch.

    How I Spent My Summer Vacation

  • Kevin Flynn, a spokesman for the Denver transportation authority, has been trying to encourage potential prairie-dog hosts by talking up the animals' key role in grassland ecosystems, mainly by serving as plump prey for predators.

    Search to Find New Digs for Prairie Dogs Slows

  • Local governments along the rail routes have a contractual obligation to put up some funding for the project; the transit authority is now offering to take prairie-dog habitats in lieu of cash.

    Search to Find New Digs for Prairie Dogs Slows

  • Relocating live animals avoids protests from prairie-dog fans, and transportation officials say that it is less expensive than euthanizing the animals, though they couldn't provide a cost breakdown.

    Search to Find New Digs for Prairie Dogs Slows

  • Quanah recalled later that the horses were moving at a gallop, throwing dust high in the air, and that some of them tripped on the prairie-dog holes, which sent men in feathered headdresses and horses rolling over and over in the semidarkness.33 At the settlement they crowded around the buildings, firing their carbines at windows and doors.


  • As he moved his men across the broken, stream-crossed country, past immense herds of buffalo and prairie-dog towns that stretched to the horizon, Colonel Mackenzie did not have a clear idea of what he was doing, where precisely he was going, or how to fight Plains Indians in their homelands.


  • Miraculously spared the consequences of their own ignorance, the bluecoats rounded up the stray horses, broke camp at dawn, and spent the day riding westward over a rolling mesquite prairie pocked with prairie-dog towns.


  • I said it when my ankles twisted in the prairie-dog burrows.

    Deep in the Heart of Roosterland

  • In any case, by Easter Sunday, he would be back to preaching, setting up his plastic pulpit on top of half the prairie-dog holes in Texas.

    La insistencia de J├╝rgen Fauth

  • In these they lived very snugly -- four men in each -- and would often amuse themselves by poking their heads out and barking at the occupants of adjacent huts in imitation of the prairie-dog, whose comfortable nests had probably suggested the idea of dugouts.

    She Makes Her Mouth Small & Round & Other Stories


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  • A person who spies on fellow workers over the partition of an office cubicle.

    February 1, 2008