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  • One should practice the profound prajnaparamita just as you have taught and all the tathagatas will rejoice.

    Hegel on Buddhism

  • Therefore, the great mantra of prajnaparamita, the mantra of great insight, the unsurpassed mantra, the unequalled mantra, the mantra that calms all suffering, should be known as truth, since there is no deception.

    Hegel on Buddhism

  • Shariputra said to noble Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva mahasattva, "How should a son or daughter of noble family train, who wishes to practice the profound prajnaparamita?"

    Hegel on Buddhism

  • Shariputra, since the bodhisattvas have no attainment, they abide by means of prajnaparamita.

    Hegel on Buddhism

  • Thus, Shariputra, the bodhisattva mahasattva should train in the profound prajnaparamita.

    Hegel on Buddhism

  • O Shariputra, a son or daughter of noble family who wishes to practice the profound prajnaparamita should see in this way: seeing the five skandhas to be empty of nature.

    Hegel on Buddhism

  • Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva mahasattva [great bodhisattva], while practicing the profound prajnaparamita, saw in this way: he saw the five skandhas to be empty of nature.

    Hegel on Buddhism

  • Buddhas of the three times, by means of prajnaparamita, fully awaken to unsurpassable, true, complete enlightenment.

    Hegel on Buddhism

  • Svatantrika-Madhyamaka in general in the context of far-reaching discriminating awareness (phar-phyin, Skt. prajnaparamita, perfection of wisdom), as formulated by Maitreya (Byams-pa).

    Major Indian Authors and Texts for Studying the Four Buddhist Tenet Systems

  • Moreover, according to Prasangika-Madhyamaka, only the prajnaparamita teachings on voidness are of definitive meaning.

    Basic Features of the Gelug-Chittamatra System ��� 2 Specific Points Concerning the Three Types of Characterized Phenomena


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