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  • n. A Christian eschatological view that interprets Biblical prophecies as events which have already happened in the first century A.D.


preterit +‎ -ism (Wiktionary)


  • Also, one does not have to attach a label called "preterism" to his eschatology in order to hold to a highly contextualized eschatology placed in the first century.

    open source theology - Comments

  • I sure have heard about preterism, just like I have heard about a lot of other apologetic nonsense that many Christians come up with all the time to convince themselves that their Lord or his earlist followers cannot possibly have been wrong about a thing like the Fate of this planet.

    Review of Doubting Jesus' Resurrection

  • Well, if you want to stick to what the "Church" and the Church Fathers taught, until some Christians in pretty recent times came up with totally different views about the Parousia, then you´d better throw preterism out the window.

    Review of Doubting Jesus' Resurrection

  • Not only does preterism do violence to the teachings of Paul and the others in the NT, it also does violence to the teachings of the "Church" you talk about.

    Review of Doubting Jesus' Resurrection

  • I read the preterism chapter of Four Views on the Book of Revelation, and that's the only source of information I know of on this.

    A Great Question That Brought Someone Here

  • All the AnteNicene Fathers are divided between preterism and futurism.

    Preterist Pulp Fiction vs. Rapture Rubbish

  • It's essentially an anabaptist variation of preterism (think Denny Weaver meets Max King).

    Leaving Munster

  • Tomorrow it might be Calvinism vs Arminianism or dispensationalism vs. preterism.

    Grace and Truth to You

  • Stephen: I can see merits in all four positions: preterism, amillennialism, post-millennialism and historic premillennialism.

    Joels Trumpet

  • You are called hyper-preterist becauxe many reformed folks do sign up to what is called preterism or partial preterism.

    Pulpit Pimps


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  • Christian eschatology which holds that some or all of the biblical prophecies concerning the Last Days or End Times refer to events which actually happened in the first century after Christ's birth. (Wikipedia)

    May 27, 2008