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  • First principles; fundamental beginnings; elements; as. Newton's Principia.

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  • First principles: elements.


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  • The principia was a massive building judging from the size of the columns, so it may well have stood for some considerable time if it was not robbed for stone.

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  • Both parties now met again, after which, to put an end to all equivocation, the Latins drew up and read a declaration of their faith in which they stated that they did not admit two "principia" in the Trinity, but only one, the productive power of the Father and the Son, and that the Holy

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 6: Fathers of the Church-Gregory XI

  • "The principles of a science are either internal to it, and are then called indigenous (principia domestica), or they are based on principles that can only find their place outside of it, and are foreign principles (peregrina)."

    'The Abyss of the Past': Psychoanalysis in Schelling's Ages of the World (1815)

  • Sketch plan showing the location of the present York Minster in relation to the Roman legionary fortress principia.

    Location of the seventh-century church in York

  • It was also sufficient to locate the principia precisely in relation to the Minster.

    Location of the seventh-century church in York

  • For obvious reasons this was the archaeological equivalent of keyhole surgery, but it was sufficient to identify some of the mighty columns of the principia basilica or cross-hall, one of which was later re-erected in the precinct outside the Minster Ottaway 2004.

    Location of the seventh-century church in York

  • When the Minster foundations needed underpinning in the 1960s an archaeological excavation was conducted as part of the work partly displayed in the present Undercroft, which identified massive remains of the old Roman principia under the Minster.

    Location of the seventh-century church in York

  • These graves were aligned north-east to south-west, rather than the usual E-W alignment of Christian graves, which suggests that they were aligned on the church associated with the graveyard and that this church was on the Roman principia alignment.

    Location of the seventh-century church in York

  • The underpinning work on the foundations provided access to only a small part of the cross-hall, and the rest of the area occupied by the principia remains unexplored.

    Location of the seventh-century church in York

  • If the part of the principia that isn't under the structure were under open churchyard, I'd be surprised that it hasn't been excavated more.

    Location of the seventh-century church in York


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