from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • adj. Of, relating to, or designating the sex that has organs to produce spermatozoa for fertilizing ova.
  • adj. Characteristic of or appropriate to this sex; masculine.
  • adj. Consisting of members of this sex.
  • adj. Virile; manly.
  • adj. Botany Relating to or designating organs, such as anthers or antheridia, that produce gametes capable of fertilizing those produced by female organs.
  • adj. Botany Bearing stamens but not pistils; staminate: male flowers.
  • adj. Designating an object, such as an electric plug, configured for insertion into a recessed part or socket.
  • n. A member of the sex that begets young by fertilizing ova.
  • n. A man or boy.
  • n. Botany A plant having only staminate flowers.

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  • n. Someone of male (masculine) gender:

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Evil; wicked; bad.
  • adj. Of or pertaining to the sex that begets or procreates young, or (in a wider sense) to the sex that produces spermatozoa, by which the ova are fertilized; not female.
  • adj. Capable of producing fertilization, but not of bearing fruit; -- said of stamens and antheridia, and of the plants, or parts of plants, which bear them.
  • adj. Suitable to the male sex; characteristic or suggestive of a male; masculine.
  • adj. Consisting of males.
  • adj. Adapted for entering another corresponding piece (the female piece) which is hollow and which it fits
  • n. Same as mail, a bag.
  • n. An animal of the male sex.
  • n. A plant bearing only staminate flowers.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Pertaining to the sex of human kind, and by extension to that of animals in general, that begets young, as distinguished from the female, which conceives and gives birth: as, a male child; a male beast, fish, or fowl.
  • In botany, staminate: said of organs or flowers.
  • Pertaining to or characteristic of males of the human kind, or men as opposed to women; appropriate to men; masculine: as, male attire; a male voice.
  • Composed of males; made up of men and boys: as, a male choir.
  • Possessing some quality or attribute considered as characteristic of males.
  • Generative; fruitful, as an idea. In this sense, Bacon entitles one of his treatises the “Male Birth of Time.”
  • n. One of the sex of human kind that begets young; a man or boy; by extension, and usually, one of the sex of any animal that begets young: opposed to female.
  • n. In plants characterized by sexual differences and reproduced by sexual generation, that individual of which the special function is to form the substance essential to the fertility of the germ developed by the female.
  • Bad; evil; wicked
  • n. An obsolete form of mail.
  • n. An apple.
  • n. The knot, a sandpiper, Tringa canutus.
  • n. The dandelion.
  • n. See mal-.
  • n. A ‘male’ precious stone. In the middle ages and until quite recent times, all the darker gems, such as sapphire, ruby, and topaz, were known as ‘male’ gems; the lighter blue, lighter red, or lighter yellow were called ‘female’ gems.

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  • n. the capital of Maldives in the center of the islands
  • adj. being the sex (of plant or animal) that produces gametes (spermatozoa) that perform the fertilizing function in generation
  • n. a person who belongs to the sex that cannot have babies
  • adj. for or pertaining to or composed of men or boys
  • n. an animal that produces gametes (spermatozoa) that can fertilize female gametes (ova)
  • adj. characteristic of a man


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Middle English, from Old French, from Latin masculus, diminutive of mās, male.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Middle English male, borrowed from Old French masle, malle (Modern French mâle), from Latin masculus ("masculine, a male"), diminutive of mās ("male, masculine").


  • I define “male” and “female” in such a way as to include transpeople, which means that some of the _male_ people I know can indeed get pregnant.

    Lady Madonna, baby at your breast…

  • The Fifteenth Amendment does not specifically exclude right of male citizens to vote, because they are _male_ citizens, therefore, male citizens are of necessity included in the right of voting.

    An Account of the Proceedings on the Trial of Susan B. Anthony, on the Charge of Illegal Voting

  • It was then she come out delirious about not being the pampered toy of any male -- _male_, mind you!

    Somewhere in Red Gap

  • _The prosperity of the States depends upon the protection afforded to our male citizens_; and the name and character of _male_ citizens of the United States shall mean one and the same thing and carry with them unchallenged security and respect.

    History of Woman Suffrage, Volume III (of III)

  • Especially as I read romance that is 50\% male POV or more … and almost always identify with the * male* character, not the heroine.

    Dear Author: Romance Novel Reviews, Industry News, and Commentary

  • In 1865 the legislature discriminated against women by the passage of a very long act, prescribing the manner in which enumerations of _white male citizens_ shall be made; thus implying that a _white male citizen_ is an honorable and important person, whose existence is to be noted with due care; with a care that distinguishes him equally above the _white female_ and the _black male_ citizen, and in effect places these two unenumerated divisions of human beings into one class.

    History of Woman Suffrage, Volume III (of III)

  • hiya i have brought 6 new pups YAY!! they are a male german shepard, a k. charles female and a shetland male+ a male husky, a jack russell female and a beagle. they are all very hyper cute and very very playful lol

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  • The term is everywhere in recent weeks, rather like the way the phrase "male chauvinism" emerged decades ago in the United States.

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  • That's very different than the engineering-driven, I'll use the term 'male,' approach, which just says ... yes or no.


  • Immediately the male is the only one misbehaving and their is no doubt that the other half is always the Saint and above reproach.

    Sanford visiting family in Sullivan's Island


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  • NPR just told me male is a taboo word. So hard to keep up. . .

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  • male, masle masculus

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  • male, masle masculus

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