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  • v. To modify something to become suitable as a commercial product.


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  • Nachiket Mor However, driven by the need to build scale rapidly, financial institutions have sought to "productize" finance in the form of easy-to-sell, rigid bundles: Mortgages with Equated Monthly Installments; microloans with 50-week repayment schedules; credit cards sold on the basis of automated credit scores; unit-linked life insurance policies.

    Finance as Noise-Cancelling Headphones

  • I'm keep working to provide WPF UI for this library to "productize" it.

  • Microsoft has no plans to "productize" MinWin, but will use it as the basis for future OS development.

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  • "productize" their video offering and lower the barrier so that others that may not typically qualify for a full-fledged partnership, might begin to offer and monetize the TurnHere video services.

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  • In this way, the systems integrators can productize their understanding of the football-field dashboard.

    SAP's Vertical Future

  • The release of the SAP/Microsoft Duet Enterprise product will make it easier to create and productize vertical industry interfaces in tools that are natural to end users.

    SAP's Vertical Future

  • Without a Salesforce. com at the center, even if vendors wanted to cooperate and productize integrations, the sheer number of integrations that would have to be supported make it unaffordable.

    Marketing Technologies Bypass IT

  • The suite vendors attempt to productize the integration -- this is SAP

    Compliance In The Best-Of-Breed Cloud

  • The way the development process works for phones is that Imagination comes up with a chip, which they license, and that works its way through development cycles and people like Apple or HTC, which then incorporate them into their phones, which they in turn have to productize and bring to market.

    PS3 In Your Pocket |

  • It feels to me like they are trying to productize the "fun" so they can package and sell it, rather than leaving it up to us to produce our own fun.

    Rough Edges


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  • Usually applied to a technology that hasn't been packaged properly as of yet to be marketed and sold in a scalable way. As in, "hey that's a cool feature; we should productize it."

    July 8, 2009

  • Adobe sped up how fast they could productize research: one research feature went from hiring of researcher to product shipment in less than four months.

    July 7, 2009

  • To turn an invention into a commercial product, by making it manufacturable.

    June 8, 2009