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  • n. A natural or synthetic progestational substance that mimics some or all of the actions of progesterone.
  • n. A crude hormone of the corpus luteum from which progesterone can be isolated in pure form. No longer in scientific use.

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  • n. A synthetic progestagen intended to mimic the effects of progesterone, often for contraceptive purposes.

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  • n. any of a group of steroid hormones that have the effect of progesterone


pro-1 + gest(ation) + -in.
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  • One of the acting ingredients in almost every oral contraceptive on the market is a hormone called progestin, which works in combination with estrogen to both prevent the egg from dropping and to prevent sperm from moving into the uterus. - Articles related to Women who use the Pill can expect to live longer, Royal College of GPs finds

  • Drospirenone is a type of female sex hormone called a progestin.

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  • Now, estrogen works great when it gets paired up with, or balanced by, another ovarian messenger called progestin, which gets released from the egg sac called a corpus luteum after the follicle ships out its egg.

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  • Taking a progestin is the only recourse to keeping a healthy endometriumā€”even though it does detract from the excellent benefits that estrogen has to impart.

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  • Oral contraceptives all contain a synthetic form of estrogen ethinyl estradiol and a synthetic form of progesterone called progestin; the latter comes in various forms that distinguishes products. h4 class="regseriflbl large"More related to this story More polls

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  • Birth control pills all contain a synthetic form of estrogen usually ethinyl estradiol and a synthetic form of progesterone called progestin; they come in various forms that distinguish products.

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  • A progestin is a synthetic chemical that mimics the progesterone your body makes but is far stronger and, as a result, carries with it a huge number of negative side effects.

  • A small intrauterine device made of plastic, which contains the hormone progestin, that is inserted into the uterus by a health care provider to prevent pregnancy.


  • Wyeth speaker and "advisory board member" according to the journal, would replace the "bad guy" progestin which is causing all the problems in hormone therapy.

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  • The birth control method such as progestin-only OCs only has a 0.5% pregnancy rate after a single year of correct usage according to my epidemiology lecture slides.

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