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  • n. A belief that people conspire to do one good


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  • Later on, when the thematic system broke down under the Turkish invasions, soldiers were given a kind of tax concession, called pronoia; this, being collected entirely in cash, resembled feudalism even less.

    superversive: Gondor, Byzantium, and Feudalism

  • Diary Entry by Dave Berman (about the author) yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Labyrinthanks for the kindling'; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'A brief anecdote about presence and pronoia - the belief the universe is conspiring on your behalf.

    OpEdNews - Diary: Labyrinthanks for the kindling

  • A brief anecdote about presence and pronoia - the belief the universe is conspiring on your behalf.

    OpEdNews - Diary: Labyrinthanks for the kindling

  • For me this bridges a gap between attitude and action, advancing my aspiration toward pronoia: the belief the universe is conspiring on our behalf.

    Book Review: "am I being kind" by Michael J. Chase

  • In fact, at this point, I think the audience for my work, really the community with whom I'm collaborating, is much more about the presence and pronoia spiritual (non-religious) approach to social change than the traditional angry activist community.

    Part Two, Manifest Positivity: Talking with Dave Berman

  • Welcome to the world of zippies, or "Zen-Inspired Pronoia Professionals" -- pronoia is the sneaking suspicion that someone is conspiring to help you.

    Cyber-Tribal Trance-Dance

  • If I recall correctly, pronoia in ARGs was presented by Jane as a relatively unexpected emergent phenomenon, something that the game designers were surprised to see such strong evidence of as the game played out.

    ARGs and Utopian Dreams

  • I suspect there's no secret formula for pronoia in game design but I'd love to hear a bit more from the 4orty 2wo folks about whether they intentionally designed Last Call Poker and i love bees to specifically generate pronoia.

    ARGs and Utopian Dreams

  • The consistently transformative experiences of ARG players, the tendency toward pronoia, reflects a cultural system that both involves and guides, that includes and also rewards individual creation.

    ARGs and Utopian Dreams

  • This organizing principle is also called reason (logos), providence (pronoia), and destiny (moira); all of these are predicates of Nature or God, who is conceived as the world-soul, a perfect being, which is immanent in everything and which directs events to achieve worthy ends.



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  • In 1981 I coined the word "pronoia" to mean the opposite of paranoia and in 1982 published a ten page article in the academic journal-SOCIAL PROBLEMS (Vol. 30 # 1) The abstract of the article follows: Pronoia is the positive counterpart of paranoia. It is the delusion that others think well of one. Actions and the products of one's efforts are thought to be well received and praised by oters. Mere acquaintences are thought to be close friends; politeness and the exchange of pleasantires are taken as expressions of deep attachment and the promise of future support. Pronoia appears to be rooted in the socil complexity and cultural ambiguity of our lives: we have becomes increasingly dependent on the opinions of others based on uncertain criteria. This paper discusses individuals six who were observed in research on organizations who suffer from pronoia, the organizational and interpersonal mechanisms that encourage it, and the connections between pronoia and paranoia. The paper suggests that introspection in a time of conflicting forms of consciousness is both an explanation for pronoia--and a problem in itself.

    The article got picked up by a number of newspapers, amgazines and radio broadcasts and has gopne on from there to multiple uses. Do you need any more information or the full article?

    Fred H. Goldner (the author) at

    June 15, 2009

  • March 14, 2008