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  • adjective Having a proportion.
  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of proportion.


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  • Congress in terms proportioned in their explicitness and solemnity to the conviction he entertains of the importance and inviolability of the principle involved.

    A Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents Volume 3, part 1: Andrew Jackson (Second Term)

  • Every day he found them in the same place and got rid of them by a large coin proportioned to the enormity of his remorse.

    Tartarin On The Alps

  • Their incorrectness and absurdity soon became apparent; and with a zeal, perhaps, bordering on indiscretion, he denounced them to his pupils with an ardour of manner and of expression proportioned to his own conviction of the truth.

    The Martyrs of Science, or, The lives of Galileo, Tycho Brahe, and Kepler

  • It's downright ill-proportioned which is why I think you want to pull it up.

    Pockets! - A Dress A Day

  • A "proportioned" dress is one where they make allowances for short- and long-waisted people, and include three different bodice pieces to make fitting easier.

    Still thinking about shirtdresses .... - A Dress A Day

  • It is a matter of some delicacy to say precisely what constitutes a person's evidence, [10] and to explain how her beliefs should be "proportioned" to it.

    Bayes' Theorem

  • A born super model, according to Lauren Hutton (who, if you’re old enough to remember, could do some awfully nice things to a swimsuit), has a small head, a perfectly symmetrical face, superior bone structure, and a certain kind of proportioned body.

    Heidi Klum Loves Your Forkhorn

  • 'proportioned' is here used proleptically, denoting the result of the action indicated by the verb 'square.'

    Milton's Comus

  • Almost a century earlier, the Supreme Court held that the Eighth Amendment prohibits “greatly disproportioned” sentences and stated that “it is a precept of justice that punishment for crime should be graduated and proportioned to the offense.”

    The Conservative Assault on the Constitution

  • Fortunately, it is being mounted in one of Broadway's most intimate and well-proportioned spaces, the 804-seat John Golden Theatre.

    A Perfect Night on Broadway


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  • My adjectival use: 'It is a beautifully proportioned room.'

    August 20, 2011