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  • n. A prepubescent girl (generally 10-14 years of age) who emulates the overtly sexual fashions and attitudes of twentysomething women such as pop stars.


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Blend of prostitute and tot



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  • Not to be confused with prostidots, as described here.

    December 13, 2008

  • Because some kids love them.

    You know, I'm not a fan of tart-dressed dolls, by any stretch. But I remember playing with Barbies when I was a young cub, and I don't recall ever being emotionally damaged or thinking that real women dressed like that or had (or should have) rocket boobs. I mean, maybe I do have a subconscious inferiority complex because my measurements are not 54-22-36 like Barbie's are (hell, what bear's are?). But I don't feel that playing with this "sexy" doll when I was a kid has damaged me or made me grow up to be somehow damaged goods.

    Therefore, I'm just not sure if the comments about Bratz doing the same thing are really true.

    I'd be more inclined to believe the "Bratz are harmful!" crowd if their comments were based on the rampant commercialism (commercializm?) of having full-length feature films (filmz?), memberz-only message boardz, and all sorts of other zhit devoted only to this feast of marketing predation.

    But in general... I mean... they're just dolls. (Dollz?)

    December 13, 2008

  • Yes! Why are Bratz still on the market?

    December 13, 2008

  • "Perhaps most tellingly, Barbie herself appears to have capitulated to the peer pressure to prostitot herself to a level she's never reached before. The Mattel offshoot Web site,, provides all the pouty-lipped, mall-based action marketed so effectively by Bratz. Underage-looking and with heads inflated to bobble size, these animated pint-sized Barbies have higher skirts and bare-r midriffs than their classical counterparts. They cultivate another exclusive world where cool, popular girls can eagerly display their catch phrases and skimpy clothing."

    - from article on chained_bear's link.


    December 12, 2008

  • Seen here, among other places.

    December 12, 2008