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  • The got us into a war without provication, taxed the poor and middle class over the rich, promote big business over small.

    Emanuel faces liberal pressure over 'trigger' comments

  • Contemporary society, like contemporary dictators, can no longer be undermined by ridicule, Zizekexplains that "GrouchoMarx authoritarianism" is imminent, writers understand that the function of Dada and all intervention/provication movements is exhausted in an age where a self-satisfied social norm has dialectically synthesized with surrealism and the rest ...


  • Also I think that seein though the Spectator usually gets such so little comments on its articles you saw this cheap shot as a rather easy way to garner some attention and prove your worth. what is the question is wheter the article is merely a bit of provication or just another example of your knee jerk xenaphobia.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • The Senate is worse yet and the Administration, along with those in the Pentagon that created this war of agression for their own gain should be hanging from the end of a noose, along with their co-conspirators in Britan for a war of agression without provication only to gain access and control of middle eastern oil.

    Think Progress » The jury is still out on WMD in Iraq

  • According to international criminal law and the execution of those at Nuremburg, anyone of any country that engages in an offensive war without provication for their own gain should be hanging at the end of a noose.

    Think Progress » The jury is still out on WMD in Iraq

  • Kenbarr, the administration gutting the constitution could be considered a civilian matter, but what about lying tonot onlyciviliansbut the military in regard toWMDs, manipulating CIA evidence (or lack therof), attacking a sovereign nation with no provication, etc, etc?

    What If Bush's Supreme Court Blocks Congressional Oversight by Hearing and Subpoena?

  • If Muslims wish to live peacefully among us and we among them...fine, but acts of agression against Christians without provication, as well as Muslims should not go unanswered.

    HRH Prince William - Future King of England

  • A true hero, a real role model for New Haven's black community would be someone Like Yale's Dr. Ben Carson, or Bill Dyson, or any of the thousands of Black men who've been smart enough to avoid jail in the first place, who've braved street gangs and said no to drug dealing, and certianly someone who's never killed an unarmed man without provication.

    New Haven Independent

  • I am all for benifical insects, but when benifical insects start harming me and my family without direct provication (as yellow jackets do) then they become pests and I have to take steps to keep my family safe.

    This Garden Is Illegal

  • We attacked a sovereign nation, Iraq, without provication, murdered over 100,000 innocent Iraqi’s.

    Think Progress » Cheney Chooses Chief Propagator of False Iraq-9/11 Link To Be Official Biographer


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  • One word: ProvOcation

    October 30, 2010