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  • n. a friction hitch
  • v. To climb a rope using a prusik.


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Named for Austrian mountaineer Karl Prusik.


  • He would need to know how to make a prusik knot, but then he would be totally safe.

    My Dad's Treehouse | Universe Today

  • Had I a real need to go higher than 4-5 meters with the ATC I would have used a backup system of a prusik loop or autoblock...or better yet, have a partner belay me.

    Climbing Gear So Far

  • There's a sheer cliff not far from that hut and a Tyrolean, using carabiner and prusik, is needed to get across to a rock, at the foot of which is the burrow of the rare lesser hairless meerkat.

    [my ideal holiday] by walter mitty esq.

  • The “jaws” had a habit of torqueing right off the rope at certain angles, and so he added a prusik loop to the rope, which further slowed his progress.

    The Wall

  • You can ascend or climb a rope with mechanical ascenders or prusik loops, or do so hand-over-hand if you are in high school gym class.

    #23 into the crapometer

  • At first, it all seemed standard: boots fitted with spiky crampons, full-body harnesses, prusik slings, day-packs, assorted carabiners, coils of rope, medical sensors ....

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • Preferred primary anchor into a belay is a clove hitch or bite8 on the powerpoint - I prefer a clove for adjustability, sometimes using a purcell prusik as a second method to adjust my attitude to the anchor.


  • The prusik hitch may be pretty basic for many readers, but there are certain essential knots that every climber should know.

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  • (no subject) - prusik - Jan. 31st, 2010 11:26 pm (UTC) Expand phoenixfirewolf wrote:

    Sunday Roundup

  • prusik knots have a habit of losing them and their load at anything over a hundred feet hence the term “geronimo” think carving up a mega wall at fairy bower and the leg rope breaks

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