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  • adj. Of or relating to psionics.


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  • He called the psionic safe, spoke to it, and removed the C-4.

    Black Magic

  • Which appears to be a one season UK tv show about secret agents that gain psionic abilities in a Himalayan plane crash.

    Archive 2007-11-01

  • Unlike Boyd, he thought, or Burris, the idea of psionic power didn't bother him much.


  • Even after a forty-year absence, Adam Mac was relatively unchanged physically, but there may have been a some kind of psionic alteration.

    Archive 2004-11-28

  • What kind of psionic force would it take to make so many people in the United States goof up the way they were doing?


  • I am what your descendants will call a psionic computer. "

    Fearful Symmetry A Terran Empire novel

  • Corbin Phash sends his son, Colin, into hiding from the Dominion, whose agents are hunting down the young boy to exploit his psionic abilities.

    Starcraft II: Devils’ Due

  • In response, three Confederate ghosts—covert terran operatives possessing superhuman psionic powers enhanced by cutting-edge technology—assassinate Angus, his wife, and their young daughter.

    Starcraft II: Devils’ Due

  • The device sends out amplified psionic signals and draws large numbers of zerg to the planet.

    Starcraft II: Devils’ Due

  • She is a terran gifted with powerful psionic abilities.

    Starcraft II: Devils’ Due


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