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  • n. Soft wood, such as spruce, aspen, or pine, used in making paper.

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  • n. Soft wood used for pulping to make paper

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  • n. softwood used to make paper


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  • Until last September when war was declared, we were shipping hundreds of thousands of cords of pulpwood from the banks of the St. Lawrence below Quebec, to Germany.

    Save Our Timber and Forest Industries

  • We supply food-principally wheat and flour, a total of 80,000 tons a month in 1966, and a variety of commodities such as pulpwood, asbestos, sulphur, fertilizer and metals which are vitally needed to ensure effective utilization of industrial capacity.

    International Development—Canada's Centennial Challenge

  • There would be special rules regulating the disposal of slashings, methods of cutting timber, and of extracting forest products such as pulpwood or naval stores.

    The School Book of Forestry

  • I assume visitors will be impressed by this pulpwood paean to erudition, and will treat me accordingly.

    Seth Shostak: Burn the Bookcases!

  • She said the company gets 85% of its pulpwood from sustainable plantations, compared with about 50% in 2006, and intends to increase that percentage in the future.

    Plan to Save Indonesia's Forests Hits Snags

  • Spook had graduated in Forestry and after a few years timber cruising for a paper company north of Bangor, decided marking stands for pulpwood had him in the right place for the wrong purpose.

    The Warden

  •   Our cousins lived next door to the junkyard, twenty acres of Studebakers and LaSalles, two-toned Hudson Hornets and eyeless DeSotos; broken pulpwood trucks; and Fords, Plymouths, and Chevrolets without bound.

    Cover Story

  • In December 1930 the American consul general in Halifax informed the State Department that these trainloads were disguised as shipments of lumber, pulpwood, fish, even live lobsters.


  • ITC has also invested extensively in R&D to create clonal tree saplings that are disease-resistant and grow faster in harsh conditions, which makes the growing of pulpwood species on degraded wasteland sustainable and offers a continuous source of income for growers.

    The Power of Co-Creation

  • Mr. WATSON: One spring my dad told my youngest brother and I, boys, if you'll cut all those dead chestnut - small dead chestnuts down along the road and around the edge of the field there, you can sell it for pulpwood to the tannery.

    Doc Watson: An Old-Time Folk Musician With Soul


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