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  • n. Alternative spelling of punch card.


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  • Being kid-free, I have little use for the frequent shopper "punchcard" that was mailed to me by the salesperson at a nearby specialty kids clothier after I purchased a baby gift for a friend.

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  • MARAIS: My observation, Mr. Beck, is this that this drop kind of creates the impression that this is what is going on in punchcard counties as they are labeled here - "punchcard", and that this is what is going on in the optical ballot counties, but .3 percent is not what is happening in each of the separate optical ballot counties, it is an average, and the numbers are being averaged there vary quite widely.

    CNN Transcript Dec 5, 2000

  • No violence should be distilled from my scribbling, except maybe to punch the punchcard a little more firmly (no hanging chads desired) or to make sure the ballot is firmly inserted into the ballot box.

    President Obama concedes loss of House in 2010. | RedState

  • But not in 35 years, not before even the IBM PC was out, not before the Osborne 1 or the Apple, not back in the punchcard days.

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  • A team of researchers at MIT and CalTech have spent the past ten years studying voting technology, spurred by the punchcard concerns in the 2000 presidential election.

    New Voting System Earns a Passing Grade

  • SAS – before it became all menu-driven, back when you had to write the “programs” to tell it what analyses to do – used to require you to end your list of commands with “cards;” a throwback to the punchcard days. » Old-school computing at its finest

  • Check the books to right of window, get punchcard/grey plastic.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • Each one was assigned a number and the data entered into the Hollerith via its punchcard system.

    IBM, Verichip and RFID- Just the Tip of the Orwellian Iceberg

  • Things that were original but really had no functional use: A tie between the paper animals at MU including imaginary animals made from newspapers and the province flags at Krabbedans whose patterns were a punchcard representation of the provincial anthems.

    As featured at Dutch Design Week « The expat numbat: from AU to NL

  • It is quite astonishing to realize that, while the lever machine was under development, inventors came up with just about every voting machine concept that has since been realized, including precinct-scan punchcard technologies, ballot printing machines, and even electromechanical systems that can be seen as predecessors of computerized technologies.

    Machining the Vote: A brief history of lever voting machines


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  • A punch card or punched card (or punchcard or Hollerith card or IBM card), is a piece of stiff paper that contains digital information represented by the presence or absence of holes in predefined positions.

    Early digital computers used punched cards as the primary medium for input of both computer programs and data, with offline data entry on key punch machines. Some voting machines use punched cards.

    September 27, 2008